1. America. Then, after the cave began

1.      Indiana Jones retrieved a golden statue from a stone pedestal in South America. Then, after the cave began to collapse, they began to try and escape. Indiana’s partner was skewered by spikes that came from the wall.


2.      The Hovitos chased and tried to speak to Indiana Jones because Dr. Belloq had convinced them that Indiana was the bad guy. They listened to Belloq and he told them to chase after Indy.

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3.       The Ark of the Covenant was believed to contain the original stone tablets that contained the ten commandments. The Ark was said to be in a number of locations, one of them being Tannis, the Egyptian city that was covered in a sandstorm.


4.      Major Arnold Toht and his henchmen are the ones who attached Marion and Indy in Nepal while trying to get the top of the staff of Ra.


5.      He was troubled because death has always followed the Ark. He believes it should remain hidden forever, so that the destruction it causes will never be released.


6.      Snakes (Asps) were inside the Egyptian tomb. Indy uses torches to hold back the snakes to get into the Well of Souls. He then sprays gasoline on them and lights them on fire to traverse the cave.


7.      When the Nazis open the Ark, ghosts come out of the Ark and at first are very peaceful but then turn evil. Then, after a little while, the wrath of God, as fire, pours out and kills all of the Nazis.


8.      At the beginning of the movie, Indiana Jones handled the gold statue in the cave in South America like he possessed it. He treated the artifacts with care, but he did so because he believed he could get paid for the artifact. He did not do it to find or save a lost artifact.


9.      I do not believe Indy’s actions were ethical. When he took the golden obelisk, he destroyed the entire cave instead of studying it and learning from the people who had created it long ago. He had wanted to take the statue to his museum, so he could be paid and recognized for his achievement instead of for the preservation of a lost culture.


10.   Cultural appropriation is one culture stealing something that is essential and valuable to another culture. One scene where cultural appropriation is evident is in South America when Indy takes the golden statue. Instead of trying to return the obelisk to the culture to which it belonged, he had tried to take it with him back to the United States. He had stolen this golden statue of a lady from the Hovitos, who deemed it culturally important.


11.   A mythic object is a valuable artifact that is seen as a real object and as an object that has magical powers. I believe the Ark of the Covenant is an example of a mythic object because, in the movie, it is given the ability to “level mountains and destroy entire armies” and it is even said that “any army that carries the Ark of the Covenant will surely win the war.” (Indiana Jones and the Ark of the Covenant, 1984) The power bestowed upon this object in the movie makes it a mythic object.


12.    In the last scene, the United States Army is in possession of the Ark of the Covenant. They stored the Ark of the Covenant in a secret warehouse so that it will never be used again.