1. qualities of the Nelson Mandela and

During the 20
century many countries in Asian and Africa were conquered and colonized by the
western nations like Dutch, British, Portuguese, Spaniards and French. South
Africa was under the Dutch rule before the minority British took over the
government. The white minority exploited the native Africans and got them to do
all menial work on their agricultural farms and industrial projects. The
natives were treated as inferior to the whites. They were segregated. This
racial discrimination was termed apartheid.


The young
educated African realizing the gravity of the situation organized themselves to
oppose all repressive laws and for their fundamental and human rights. Nelson
Mandela was a guiding star of this movement. He was a living embodiment of the
ideal and aspiration of the black people. He became a legendary figure in
Africa and abroad. Mandela was a man of action, master in underground
activities. He cleverly evaded the state police, which earned him the name
“Black Pimpernel”. He brought the works, peasant, women and youth in to
one united movement to fight for the oppressed and exploited natives. He encouraged his people to continue
fighting until they Strive freedom and never giving up until they achieved
their goal. On the other hand, as a significant leader, he elevated
consciousness of his followers by appealing to their higher ideals and values.

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He was
sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of treason and sabotage. He served 27
years of his precious life in jail. The white minority government realizing
that the black protest movement could no longer be quelled through force lifted
the ban on the ANC and released Mandela from prisons. Mandela shared the Nobel
Peace Prize with K W De Klerk for successful negotiations for end the evil of
apartheid. He was inaugurated the first black president of South Africa on 10
May 1994.


In this
exercise it is discuss about the Leadership qualities of the Nelson Mandela and
how he applied the same until South Africa achieved the Freedom from the evil
of apartheid and end of his Career.