1. to show kindness to your mother.”[sahih

The persons who have true belief are inculcated
and ordered how they should state to their leaders.

For each and every person should retains a moral

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A Muslim should not make fun of another Muslim.

This is a foremost dishonesty to speak corrupt
things behind the back of another Muslim.

According to our religion, this is a bad habit
to pick fault in other people.

The only criteria for judging who is better is
the piety because Allah likes this feature of Muslim.

The general thought and opinion of persons have
absolulaty have no value when related to the guidelines and commands of infallible
Prophet (blessings of Allah be upon him and his posterity.

Every Muslim should strive for harmony because
peace is better than war. Peace creates a pleasant atmosphere between the

No essential decision should be made on the
basis of mere information of someone, unless authenticity of this information
is properly investigated and verified.

Act justly, whenever there is a dispute try for
the settlement and act honestly among both parties as Allah loves those who act



If the parents are avoiding from following the commands of Allah,
one has the right of not following his/her parents. Even if the parents are nonbeliever,
still, one must express them the concerns and treat them respectively in good method.
Considering them wrong just because they don’t believe what you have faith in
is cruel. But if the parents are stopping from following the guidelines of Allah
and if they force to obligate corrupt deeds, he/she has the right of being rebellious
towards his parents. Indeed, he/she must not follow them in this situation.


A man came to Holy
Prophet (S.A.W) and asked that my mother is an unbeliever in Islam. How should
I treat her? The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) observed “Yes, you should continue to
show kindness to your mother.”sahih al Bukhara