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3D Character AnimatorThe job of an 3D animator is very hard. There are many responsibilities. Some responsibilities are that they have to recording dialogue and work with editors to composite the various layers of animation in order to produce the finished piece. Some of the edits consist of the backgrounds, special effects, characters and graphics. The animators also have to work with the story line and make the characters work with the appearance of the character. Another responsibility is that they have to be working to production deadlines and meeting clients’ commercial requirements. They also have to be ┬ádealing with diverse business cultures, delivering presentations and finding funding. After the college, they must have leave with a Bachelor’s degree standard. They also, must have many skills. Some of them are easier than others. Some of the obvious ones are drawing, modeling and animation packages. Other skills that are to ┬ábe a requirement are computuring, art-related HND and showreel DVD or online portfolio to show your talent. You also have to be good with details no matter how small. Creativity and imagination are a big part in 3D animation. You have to be good imagining what you want the character to look like. You need creativity to be able to make that drawing that you want and better. Creativity is another big part in the scenery. Without scenery there would nothing other than the character and it would be very bland. Patience is another big thing. If you have no patience, then there would be no reason to start a project. Taking you time is very important because if you start to rush your drawing would not be the same as the image you were hoping for. Most of the time you will be sitting at a computer or drawing board. If you are freelance then you might be given work to do to home. If you have all of these skills then you might be working 30-40 hours a week, Monday through Friday. The job of a 3D animator is a full time job. For working 30-40 hours a week 3D animators make $51,651 a year. On a weekly basis they make about $32.72. Also if at the end of an amazing project you could get a bounce.