4 Minute Shakespearian Speech Sample Essay

Therefore doth heaven divide
The province of adult male in frogmans maps.
Puting enterprise in continual gesture ;
To which is fixed. as an purpose or butt.
Obedience: for so work the honey-bees.
Animals that by a regulation in nature Teach
The act of order to a peopled land.

They have a male monarch and officers of kinds ;
Where some. like magistrates. correct at place.
Others. like merchandisers. venture trade abroad.
Others. like soldiers. armed in their stings.
Make boot upon the summer’s velvet buds.
Which loot they with merry March bring place
To the tent-royal of their emperor ;
Who. busied in his stateliness. studies

The vocalizing Masons constructing roofs of gold.
The civil citizens working up the honey.
The hapless mechanic porters herding in
Their heavy loads at his narrow gate.
The sad-eyed justness. with his ugly busyness.
Delivering o’er to executors blanch
The lazy oscitance drone. I this infer.

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That many things. holding full mention
To one consent. may work contrariously:
As many pointers. loosed several ways.
Come to one grade ; as many ways meet in one town ;
As many fresh watercourses meet in one salt sea ;
As many lines near in the dial’s Centre ;
So may a thousand actions. one time afoot.

End in one intent. and be all good borne
Without licking. Therefore to France. my vassal.
Divide your happy England into four ;
Whereof take you one one-fourth into France.
And you withal shall do all Gallia shingle.
If we. with thrice such powers left at place.
Can non support our ain doors from the Canis familiaris.
Let us be worried and our state lose
The name of robustness and policy.