In 2016, I graduated with a degree in Computer Science
Engineering. I was very passionate about technology, but at the same time I was
also curious about managerial roles. I wanted a role which involved both. This
is why I joined Kuka Robotics India as Management Trainee in the IT Department.


My experience over the year in this organization has strengthened
my resolve to become a part of the top management of a firm. I enjoyed working
in technology, but the work is getting monotonous and I do not want to risk
being stuck in a groove.

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I am constantly seeking new challenges and looking for
opportunities of growth. But without an MBA, I am aware that my career may
stagnate after a certain point, as I am not equipped to deal with the
challenges I will face as I progress to managerial positions. As a novice in
the corporate world, I faced difficulties and failures at my present company,
and learnt from them. This led to a realization of how indispensable a
holistic, in-depth understanding of business management is to the success of a
corporate professional.  


I would therefore like to pursue an MBA in Sales/Marketing
at your esteemed university.  I want to
learn as much as I can about the basic foundations of business so I have a
bigger picture of how to run a company.