How Planned Giving works?


Have you ever pondered to yourself how can I support
Wilbraham & Monson Academy in a significant way and improve my financial solidarity
in the same breath?

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Financial consultants refer to these creative methods as
planned gifts, because with attentive planning you can turn your individual
giving challenges into meaningful solutions for yourself and for WMA.


Planned Giving is a long-range gift, which a donor can leave
money or assets during their lifetime, such as cash or securities to WMA. Other examples include, life insurance policy, an IRA, trust or
bequest. In some cases a planned gift can help an individual donor reduce
their income or estate taxes, increase income, or fulfill a personal financial
need during his/her lifetime.


If you are interested in supporting WMA through a gift
vehicle that has no costs and be apart of our Heritage Society, which is composed of supporters who have included
WMA in their estate plans. Please contact Nicholas Stafford, Director of Leadership
and Planned Giving at 413- 596-9196 or [email protected]