to Nazary (2008) as cited in Salah (2012) there are three common methods that
paly a role in using L1 in teaching English. They are the Traditional methods
(Grammar Translation Method, Direct Method, and Audiolingual Method),
Alternative methods (Silent Way, Suggestopedia, Total Physical Response, and
Community Language Learning) and current Communicative Methods. The grammar-
translation method, the direct method and the communicative are the only
approaches that have been used in most of the Arab countries (Mukattash, 2003
as cited in Salah, 2012).


The Grammar-Translation
Method is a traditional method that has been used for many years by language
teachers. It relies entirely on the use of translation in teaching a foreign
language. The purpose of this method was to read written literature. In
addition, it was one of the most important theoretical foundations of the Grammar-Translation
Method is that Language was originally graphics and that the process of
learning a foreign language should be carried out through constant reference to
the learner’s native language. Thus, the focus of the foreign language learning
process was to provide a detailed analysis of grammar and the translation of
written texts and sentences from the mother tongue to the foreign language and
vice versa. 

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