”A Clash of Cultures and the Hope of Rebirth” by Thomson Highway Sample Essay

In the playwrite Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing. Thomson Highway focuses on the life manner of seven native work forces in the Wasachigan Hill Indian Reserve in Ontario. In this drama. there are six of import male characters. Fictional characters such as Large Joey. Spooky Lacroix Creature Nataways and Pierre St. Pierre follow Christianity and the English linguistic communication. While the characters Simon Starblanket. Zachary Jeremiah Keechigeesik attempt to resuscitate the native civilization. linguistic communication and medical specialty. As the drama begins Thomson Highway introduces the reader to this native community ( that seems to be tight knit group of people. possibly for all the incorrect grounds ) . As the drama progresses we realize that the Native figure of the Trickster is a preponderantly female character named Nanabush. She is difficult at work as she slips in and out of the kingdom of world as the male characters begin to expose the complicated and dysfunctional relationships that are at the nucleus of this Native community. Because the females are absent throughout the drama. Nanabush ever reappears as assorted female figures. assisting to develop different state of affairss as they arise and give a voice to the females in the drama.

While reading the playwrite we see many struggles arise throughout. these struggles can be described as toxicant within the community. We see illustrations of the toxicant through the inequality between genders in the drama. intoxicant maltreatment as a release and the importance of position within the community. However. Highway besides gives illustrations of new beginnings and the sentiments of some of the other indigens within the native society that has hope for alteration. “Before the healing can take topographic point. the toxicant must foremost be exposed” is an epigraph that Thomson main road included at the beginning of Dry Lips. The quotation mark is based on traditional apprehension that roseolas caused by workss such as toxicant Hedera helix can non be treated without taking the oil doing the annoyance. Although the apprehension of the quotation mark is true. Highway used the quotation mark as a manner to warn the reader or theater audiences that Dry Lips contains dark stuff that can be upseting and ghastly. but one time open foliages hope for the hereafter.

Thomson Highway is exposing the toxicant by portraying the Native’s hurting in order to advance alteration. The subjugation of adult females can besides be seen through the voice or even physical presence of a character. Since. as Highway provinces. the linguistic communication of Cree does non distinguish between male or female. the character of Nanabush doesn’t have to be entirely male or female. but embodies a adult female who is the representations of a male phantasy. She is stand foring assorted adult females in the drama to convey back the voiceless females in the community. In the terminal we see Nanabush represented as Pasty Pegahmagahbow while Dickie Bird the victim of alcohol addiction. viciously rapes her with a crufix. Therefore stand foring how Christianity raped the native civilization. Gender subjugation can besides be seen through the ‘voice’ of other characters of the drama such as Large Joey. who watches the colza of Patsy. but does non halt it. When asked why he does this. he replies. “Because I hate them … I hate them fuckin’ bitches. Because they — our ain adult females — took the fuckin’ power off from us faster than the FBI of all time did” ( Highway 119-120 ) .

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Thomson Highway portrays a really distinct message that there is extended job with gender equality in this native community and although the manner he exposes the capable affair is hard for some to watch or read. it is decidedly unobtrusive. In add-on. in Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing he besides shows the struggles that underlie the stereotypes associated with Aboriginal communities. by researching the issue of alcohol addiction through the flashbacks of the birth of Dickie Bird. Thomson Highway succeeds in exposing the issue of alcohol addiction in the community as we see representation through Dickie Bird who is a really baffled and disturbed teenage male child due to foetal intoxicant syndrome he is portion of or causes many of the struggles in Dry Lips. Last. The Aboriginal characters in the drama lose their sense of spiritualty ( in some instances to Christianity ) and the hockey game symbolizes this struggle of spiritualty versus Christianity or native versus nonnative. Thomson Highway is utilizing the Puck. to represents a spiritual symbol. and Nanabush symbolically sheds visible radiation on spiritualty opposed to Christianity and ends the hockey game and the struggle. that is associated with it.