A Crime Scene Sample Essay

Standing at that place shocked my face altering colourss from bluish to ruddy every few seconds because of the constabulary patrol car exigency visible radiations. This is a scene which non many people have experienced. yet might merely hold to one twenty-four hours. This is a scene which I had hoped that I would ne’er hold had to witness or be a portion of. unluckily. being me. it ne’er worked out that manner.

There is a deafening silence in the air ; no sounds can be heard except for the wheels of the gurney that exits from the ambulance. Everything feels like it is traveling so much slower than what it is supposed to. I feel like I am traveling three times quicker than everyone else. it makes me ill!

I try to convert myself that I am woolgathering. but it doesn’t look to be assisting. So I try to maintain my head busy. I look up at the sky. the clouds have perfect symmetricalness. and they are every bit white as can be with an orange undertone. It looks like a image that Michael Angelo painted ; it was excessively perfect to be existent. I so realized that this image does non accommodate the scene of which I stand in forepart of. The scene belongs in a Steven King novel. it was horrific.

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Standing there I started to lose sense of clip. I so all of a sudden felt a deep unhappiness autumn over me. my legs became weak and I could experience my joke physiological reaction get downing up. It took me quite a piece to recover control over my ain organic structure. I so looked up and thought to myself that I should take this unfortunate event caput on. I pushed the boundary bounds of the offense scene before I was eventually pulled back by a police officer. I shrugged him off but you caught keep of me once more and tugged even harder. drawing me off balance. I didn’t cognize what was traveling on with my feelings. I was caught in between two feelings. I felt lost. and my universe had merely been shattered.

The lights-out in my eyes forced their manner unfastened and cryings started turn overing down my face. tear by tear my face started acquiring more and more besotted. I uncontrollably let out a oink. but fortuitously no-one had taken notice.

I looked over my shoulder and there she was. I ne’er thought I would hold seen her once more. Io wiped the cryings from my eyes but to my discouragement. she was gone. once more. I turned around wholly and saw an old friend that I haven’t seen since high school. He hugged me and whispered. “I am so regretful. ” Finally a constabulary officer came to roll up my statement. As I walked past the organic structure lying on the floor. I felt weak ; she was still have oning the necklace that I had got her for our five twelvemonth day of remembrance. I couldn’t keep it back any longer. the cryings leaked from my eyes and they merely kept fluxing. it felt as if I had stood at that place and cried for half an hr.

When I was finished I was lead to a constabulary new wave. at this really point. the manufacturer yelled cut! We had spent a full twenty-four hours of work hiting the concluding scene of the most awaited film of the twelvemonth. and if I do state so myself. it went really good.