A Diamond Is Forever Essay

This ad is one of the De Beers adverts for diamond engagement rings. The De Beers Company is known for the fact that it took a product, which here is the diamond, and thoroughly created an appeal and an audience for it; so successful and strongly ingrained in social practices that people do not realise that what they know about diamonds is an image completely created by De Beers. Through this advertisement analysis, we will see how this ad, with the help of a meaningful catchphrase, targets both men and women who are in love. As stated before, De Beers changed the way people view and value diamonds.

One fitting example would be related to the symbolic value of this gemstone. Its association with love, romance and so on was an idea invented by De Beers in the eighties along with the notion of giving a diamond ring when proposing. Therefore, this ad is aimed at both: men thinking of proposing and women dreaming of such proposal. On one hand, men, who purchased about 90% of engagement rings, are convinced that diamonds are the gift of love. When considering an engagement ring that could represent his endless love and affection for his partner, a man would ultimately think of a diamond.

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As it is written in the ad, a diamond is forever. Therefore, a meaning behind such gemstone should be one meant to last for eternity too. On the other hand, this ad also targets young women, with the obvious truism that the women will present the ad to the men. This undoubtedly would give the men an idea of what their partners explicitly want. As it is said in the French language: ‘‘Ce que femme veut, femme aura. ’’ (Literally translated: ‘‘what woman wants, woman will. ’’). It is common knowledge that a man in love will attempt to do whatever it takes to show his affection to the one he is in love with.

Moreover, when looking at the pictured ring, women will not solely focus on its exquisite beauty. When seeing the engagement ring, an extended variety of emotions run through the mind of these countless women. These can be: excitement over the things to come, happiness and utter love at having found the perfect mate to share their lives with and so on. Furthermore, the ring alone is not the forte of this De Beers ad; what also catch the eye of the people seeing this advert are the words that are meant to be reassuring. First, the meaningful slogan: ‘‘How can you make two months’ salary last forever? ’ clearly insinuates that a diamond, even though expensive, is really a small price to pay when you think about it. After all, the diamond engagement ring represents an endless love that will last for eternity. Second, the words: ‘‘When you’ve found the woman of your dreams, give her the diamond of her dreams’’ means that the woman you are in love with is worth every single sacrifice you could make; in this case, the sacrifice is referring to the act of buying a really expensive diamond engagement ring. Finally, right after these words, we have information about the company and how to buy a diamond.

This is quite a sharp move from the De Beers Company. By giving the contact information right after reaching to the one seeing the ad on an emotional level, it does not really allow him or her to second think things through and hesitate on making the purchase. Therefore, we’ve seen through the analysis of this ad how it is aimed at couples who are for some thinking, for others dreaming of taking that next step in life: marriage. After all, among all the things that could represent something, a diamond engagement ring is the one that speaks the loudest: an endless love that will transcend time itself.