A Report On Shopping In Bristol Tourism Essay

Shoping in Bristol

There several shopping countries in Bristol which include Cabot Circus, Broadmead and The Mall Bristol, The Mall at Cribbs Causeway Park Street and Clifton Village. Cabot Circus is the newest shopping development in the metropolis Centre. The development houses one hundred and 20 stores over three grades that include 20 five coffeehouse, eating houses and a 13 screen film. [ 1 ]

Cabot Circus easy excisable on pes from metropolis Centre or by auto from the M32 and provides a auto park to suit 2,600 autos.

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Three proceedingss walk [ 2 ] from Cabot Circus is the 300 high street stores and section shops in Broadmead. In this pedestrianised country you will happen a broad assortment of stores and section shops, and services such as Bankss and topographic points to eat and imbibe.

Within Broadmead is The Mall Bristol which features high street concatenation stores every bit good as independent retail merchants from manner and furniture to a assortment of nutrient and imbibe mercantile establishments. There is a multi narrative auto park, which provides parking for easy entree to Broadmead, The Mall Bristol and Cabot Circus.

The Mall at Cribbs Causeway boasts 135 shops over it ‘s two degrees including large names like Marks & A ; Spencer and Pizza Hut amongst many others. It besides has a 13 screen Cinema. The Promenade at Cribbs can be found merely North of the metropolis Centre and provides 1000s of free auto parking infinites. The Mall hosts Bristol Fashion hebdomad twice a twelvemonth and has an impressive winter wonderland touting a Christmas market and the largest out-of-door ice rink in the South West with Santa ‘s palace for Christmas.

Park Street has beautiful Georgian architecture. It is known for its independent shops which include vesture, music, books and humanistic disciplines. Clifton Village is a shopping one-fourth that besides has beautiful Georgian architecture and features up-market dress shop and independent shops retailing jewelry, Art, manner and good nutrient amongst its many attractive forces. It is located within an easy walking distance of the Clifton suspension span.

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