A Synopsis of the Documentary Live Nude Girls Unite Essay

Live Nude Girls Unite

The movie “Live Nude Girls Unite” is a docudrama recorded by the alien terpsichoreans themselves that takes their audience on their journey as they try to unionise their occupations. The terpsichoreans were fed up with the intervention and minimum wage they were having for their public presentations. They were non assigned a attorney but had a negotiant that helped them with their bargaining understanding. These alien terpsichoreans were non disrespected by their costumer’s but besides by their employees. Dancers were non allowed ill yearss and sometimes lost their occupations because of their inability to happen another look-a-like terpsichorean to make full their slot. I think the unionisation of the sex workers was a feasible thought.

These terpsichoreans deserve the same benefits many other employees receive such as ill wage. wellness insurance. and regard from their direction. Because sex workers are normally stereotyped as slatterns. society believes their work should non include benefits. Since they had many people against their petition to organize a brotherhood. it took them many months of negociating to have minimum benefits. but it was the start of a new revolution for other sex workers across the state. As word began to distribute about the freshly formed brotherhood in San Francisco. the formation of brotherhoods began to distribute all over.

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Numerous alien terpsichoreans now receive benefits through their employers and are acquiring the just intervention they deserve. They are protected from improper dismal from their occupations and racial favoritism when it comes to who works certain displacements. If the sex workers had no taken a stance to better their working system many would still be treated unjust.