A The produced impulses involve a wheel

A watch brand of Omega caliber
needs little introduction considering its intimate involvement with NASA and
classic movie franchises such as 007 James Bond.  The company is known to push boundaries in engineering
and design; it often veers into new technological territories that I think
others do not attempt.  In 1999, Omega
introduced the first watch powered by the Co-Axial escapement, which is notably
different comparing to the industry standard.

any mechanical movement, energy needs to be transmitted to the oscillator in
order for it to maintain a certain frequency. 
The produced impulses involve a wheel tooth sliding along an inclined
surface of the pallet.  This sliding mechanism
generates considerable friction, making periodic lubrication of the escapement essential
for the watch to function properly.  On
the other hand, the Co-Axial escapement utilizes lateral impulses to transfer
energy to the oscillator.  The smaller
contact surfaces and pushing motion (in contrast to the typical sliding motion)
lead to significantly less lubrication required and, therefore, longer service

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