A Woman’s Place Essay

“Don’t read so much. he said. don’t survey ; acquire yourself good and tired out with prep. take exercising. He believes that her problems would unclutter up if she got married. He believes this in malice of the fact that most of his nervus medical specialty is prescribed for married adult females. ” The primary subject of Meneseteung by Alice Munro is the function of adult females in times of Victorian traditions and criterions. The storyteller. who is ne’er identified. explains undertakings and qualities that differentiate a existent. nubile adult female from an castaway from society.

The chief character in this narrative is Almeda Joynt Roth. a respectable adult female who has become celebrated in her little town for her poesy book. She has earned regard and esteem amongst others in the town for her plants. but has besides been criticized as a woman’s literary aspirations were thought to be avocation instead than career. Roth yearns to get married Jarvis Poulter. an thought that the remainder of the town supports. Even Roth’s physician. who prescribes nerve medical specialty to assist Roth with her wakefulness. says she would be much happier if she were married.

However. Poulter does non happen Roth to be a suited married woman and does non prosecute her as such because she does non show the qualities that defined a nubile adult female of the times. The narrative. so. is non merely about the function of adult females in the society but besides about a alone adult female. an castaway of traditional society. and her hunt for company. Roth suffers from insomnia and goes to the physician to acquire medicine to assist with her wakefulness. The physician suggests that Roth busies herself with things that are non considered womanly such as analyzing and composing.

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Her authorship is considered an plus to the community. but non wholly accepted as a adult female is expected to get married and hold a household. The town paper. the Vidette. which contains articles that would frequently be considered calumniatory by modern criterions considers her immature and fit plenty to bear kids. physically talking she is nubile stuff. The physician suggests that she have on herself out by executing homemaker undertakings such as cleansing and exerting so that she may kip.

He besides discourages her from reading and composing. as it is non required of her to make these things to ulfill her place in society. He suggests that matrimony would work out most of her jobs. though the medicine he prescribes her is chiefly prescribed to married adult females. The physician is ordering a redress to her jobs by going a homemaker. while besides ordering medicine that is given to homemakers to handle the very status she. as a individual adult female. had come to better. In the society portrayed in Meneseteung matrimony is considered to be a cure-all for many of women’s jobs.

Why. asks the storyteller. has Roth remained single for so long? The storyteller suspects that it is partially down to her bare temperament. A caliginous personality is non one that is considered attractive and people tend to avoid developing societal ties to her. Weighed down by loads such as the loss of her household Roth is a lone wolf with reading. authorship. and the hopeless chase of Jarvis Poulter as her lone aspirations in life and by and large merely does as she pleases.

She dreams of get marrieding Poulter. an thought that the whole town supports. but he ne’er showed an involvement in her as she did non suit the imagine of a nubile adult female of the times. Despite this the storyteller portrays Roth to be less of the “reckless hedonist” and more like a “tormented creative person. ” agony as a consequence of her art. It is her specialness that makes her an high author. but besides non considered suited to be taken as a married woman. Womans in this narrative are portrayed as weak and in demand of work forces.

One dark. Roth is awoken by a rummy. abused adult female at her fencing. She is frightened and hastes to Poulter for aid. and this is shown as being the first clip in the narrative that she behaves like a typical adult female of her clip. She is no longer the poised. confident adult female that Poulter has come to cognize her as and is attracted to her despairing exposure. Poulter was non attracted to her when she was poised and confident but one time he had seen that she was weak. helpless. and in demand of him he felt drawn to her as she eventually fit the stereotyped image of a adult female.

Poulter trades with the bibulous adult female in a cruelly and insensitively and upon seeing this Roth loses involvement in him. Poulter asks her to church and she declines and the two ne’er prosecute a relationship. Despite being portrayed as weak and in demand of work forces. adult females are non powerless in matrimony. One of a woman’s primary functions is to “create their husbands” by “ascribing preferences” to them. “This manner. bewildered. sidelong-looking work forces are made over. made into hubbies. caputs of families. ” Roth can non see herself making this. which urther separates her from the society in which she lives. After her rejection of Poulter’s involvements Roth retreats into the graphic aberrance brought upon her by the doctor’s nervus medical specialty and meets her decease after going the mark of endangering youths’ malevolent torturing. This quotation mark from the physician. which I have chosen as the most deeply meaningful. shows the thought of the times. Womans were to get married to work out their ain jobs every bit good as to work out the jobs of their hubby.

This short narrative is about a adult female who is different from the societal norm and her hunt for company and stableness in her ain life. every bit good as how interrupting the norm had its ain effects. Her compulsion with reading and authorship. which was said to be more suited as a avocation than profession. put her aside and earned her regard within her community while at the same clip driving a cuneus between her and a normal life because she did non pass her life marrying. going a married woman. going a female parent. and passing her yearss cleansing and lovingness for her household like a typical adult female of the clip.

When Roth became vulnerable she became similar every other adult female and Poulter eventually saw her as a possibility for matrimony but his actions revolted Roth. The incident with the bibulous adult female disgusted her into a lone being with merely her and her hallucinations brought on by the nervus medicine prescribed by the physician. The physician suggested that by get marrieding. Roth would non necessitate this medical specialty despite it being most normally prescribed for married adult females. So. so. Almeda Roth could non populate with herself as a normal adult female yet non being a typical adult female is what finally led to her death.