Abstract: first spoken in early medieval England



is known as international language now-a-days. It is the language which is used
in many of countries. It is widely used in Education, Business, Movies, and
even in Sports. In this assignment, we will define importance of English as
International and Foreign language and we will define that why it is important
to learn English.

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                             English is one of the most dominating
language of the world which is having its impact on every field of work.
English is one of the most important language in the world. There are 104
countries where English as spoken as 1st language. English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in
early medieval England and is now a global lingua franca. Named after the
Angles, one of the Germanic tribes that migrated to England, it ultimately derives
its name from the Anglia peninsula in the Baltic Sea.


                    Language is the primary source of
communication. It is the method through which we share our ideas and thoughts
with others. There are many languages in the world like Urdu Chinese Hindi
English and many more. Out of all the languages, the importance of English is
given below

10 Reasons why English is Important language:

1.It’s the most commonly spoken language in the world 

                           Depending a bit on how you count, in addition
to the approximately 400 million native speakers, English is understood and/or
spoken by 1-1.6
billion people. So English is very important to learn if you
want to travel or to work or study worldwide, because it is most common
language the world speaks.

2. It’s the language of international business                                                                

With world business headquarters predominantly
in the financial hubs of the UK and USA, English has long been the default
language of trade as you can read in the history of the English language. So basically English is now called as
business language and if you want to enter in the international business or
want to make any kind of research work about your business, you must know
English. So in this view English is very valuable.

3. Most
movies are in English:                                                         

                                                        Hollywood is a powerhouse of global
entertainment, so it’s natural that English would become the main language for
movie-making. So if you want to enjoy movies and series kind stuff without
dubbing you must know English very well.

4. It’s easy to learn:

English is easy to learn. It is not very difficult language. It has a simple
vocabulary and that is very easy to learn. So if you want to learn English you
will not feel any difficulty in it. Like other language it has no cases no
gender and all so it is really easy to learn.

5. It helps you understand other languages

English has a long and fascinating history that spans wars, invasions
and influences from around the globe. Cultures that have helped shape modern
English include Romans, Vikings and the French. For this reason it’s a hybrid
language comprised of Latin, Germanic and Romance elements.

6. You can say things in a hundred
different ways:

English has flexibility. It has a range of large vocabulary so you can
ease it in very perfect way. For example instead of using at this time you can
easily say now and instead of using due to this reason, you can say because of
this and that.  So English is really very

  7. It can be used around the world:  

Obviously English has many uses and being Pakistani if you have to
travel around the world you must know the basics of English, because it is
known as International language and you can use it in any country. So English
will never leave you alone.

8. it’s is the language of Sports:

You can see that many sports offered commentary in English. For
example we see, in Cricket the toss ceremony and pitch reporting, post-match
ceremony and interviewing the players is done in English language.

9. it’s the language of the internet:

Most of the content produced on the internet (50%) is in English. So by
knowing and understanding English we can explore about world through internet
so it is useful and helpful.

10. It continues to change:

Hash tagging, Blogging, Smasual, etc. All these words are new to the English
language but have already become valued members of the lexicon. More than any
other language, English continues to evolve and absorb new words that branch
out – often untranslated – into other languages. Every year approximately more
than 1.000 new and approved words are added to the Oxford Dictionary. This
tremendous development is the result due to technology, Social Media and how
people spontaneously coin new words during daily life. More information you can
find in the article about the history of English language.

Why it is important to learn English?                                       

English is the common language which world
speaks. It is also called as second language and many countries offer English
at a basic level and children start learning English at a very young age.

Here are 10 reasons that why it is important to
learn English

1.     Mostly countries know how to speak English. Out
of one, fiver people can speak or at-least understand English

2.     English is the language of Science computers
etc. So if you want to do job in such fields you must learn English.

3.      English is the official language of 53
countries. That’s why it is important to learn English.

4.      English is spoken as a first language by
around 400 million people around the world.

5.      English is the language of the media
industry. So if you learn English you don’t have to rely on subtitle or dubbing
to enjoy your favorite shows.

6.     English is also the language of the Internet. Many
websites are in English. So you must learn English.

7.     English is based on a simple alphabet and has
simple vocabulary so it requires little effort to learn English

8.      English is not only useful – it gives you
a lot of satisfaction. Making progress feels great. You will enjoy learning
English, if you remember that every hour you spend gets you closer to

9.     Since English is spoken in so many different
countries there are thousands of schools around the world that offer programs
in English. If you speak English, you have a lot of opportunities to work in
schools and you may able to apply somewhere for job.

learning English you can also learn about cultures. And English is also known
as language of freedom. You can also enjoy a lot of quotes and inspirational
writings in English so it is also the source of motivation.

Pakistan and English:

                                    English is a co-official language of
Pakistan and many schools and offices now use English language mostly.
English is known as Foreign or second language so Pakistanis are now really
feel pleasure to learn and understand English and it builds many opportunities for them. Learning a
foreign language is very important as you can develop a good friendship by learning their
national languages, you feel pleasure as you feel that you can understand other
languages as well, you can also become a better learner so Pakistan is giving
too much importance to other foreign languages specially English so they can
build good contacts with other English speaking nations.




                        Hence we can conclude that English is very
important language. It is also important to learn English and to understand it.
We must know the basics of English to live in this global world. Without
English nothing will be possible in future. So one must learn know and
understand English to live in this world.