Access to higher education: Reflective Practice Essay

Part A

Describe and critically measure at least two theoretical accounts of Reflective Practice

Part B

Choose one theoretical account of Reflective Practice and use to it to your ain acquisition experience

Separate A First this assignment is based on three theoretical accounts of brooding pattern, Kolb’s, Gibbs and John’s with an account of the construction of each theoretical account. To understand all three of the theoretical accounts they will all be described in item explicating how they should be utilized. This assignment will besides seek to critically measure all three of the theoretical accounts. All of these theoretical accounts can help person to reflect on some mundane state of affairss and earnestly believe about what to alter when things go incorrect and how to set them right on another juncture.

Get downing with Kolb’s theoretical account of brooding pattern, this theoretical account has been structured on four phases of larning which are, concrete experience, brooding observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation. Concrete experience is holding an experience which can be evaluated, brooding observation is looking at the experience to see what was done, abstract conceptualization is larning from the experience and active experimentation is be aftering and seeking out what has been learned. ( Mcloud 2010 ) There are besides other parts to Kolb’s theoretical account that focus on the manner person will larn, these are diverging, absorbing, meeting and suiting. Diverging is to experience and watch, absorbing is to believe and watch, meeting is to believe and make, and suiting is to experience and make. ( Kolb 1984 )

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With Kolb’s theoretical account it is suggested by him that whoever is utilizing it should believe about what they are making and reflect on this by reexamining what they did. Using the information and acquisition from their experience. ( Arora 2008 )

The terminal result should be to larn from their experience and to turn the negatives into positives. Anyone utilizing this theoretical account should be after what they could make next and believe about how they could better their experience.

Kolb’s theoretical account of contemplation has been criticized because of deficient attending to the procedure of contemplation itself, ‘it’s deficiency of empirical support, it’s really stiff and consecutive nature and it’s simplification of the acquisition procedure in general’ . ( Smith 1996 )

This theoretical account of contemplation will non accommodate everyone’s larning experience as it does non take into history the abilities of different scholars and can besides look a little complicated to follow with the usage of some uncommon words that are non understood by all persons. Harmonizing to research Kolb’s theoretical account of brooding pattern does non demo the full extent of contemplation. ( Boud et al1983 )

Now we move onto Gibbs theoretical account of brooding pattern which is based on six inquiries: Description: What happened? Feelingss: What did you believe and experience? Evaluation: What did you happen good and what was bad about the experience? Analysis: What do you do of the state of affairs? Decision: What should you make to do the experience better? Action program: If it happened in the hereafter what would you make? ( Gibbs 1988 ) With the Gibbs theoretical account of brooding pattern it is suggested by him that whoever uses this theoretical account should depict what happened and believe about what they were experiencing to measure the state of affairs and work out what went good and what did non travel good. The individual utilizing this theoretical account should analyze what sense they can do of the state of affairs and make up one’s mind what they could hold done to do the state of affairs better. ( Jasper2003 ) It is besides suggested that anyone utilizing this theoretical account should develop an action program to better the state of affairs if it should go on once more. Gibbs theoretical account of brooding practise is described as self-explanatory and easy to utilize. ( Jasper 2003 )

Gibb’s theoretical account does non give the scholar adequate specific inquiries to reply and does non give them plenty range to be more critical of themselves. ‘‘It besides does non see whether there is a difference between learning pattern and the demands or outlooks of learners’’ . ( Jasper 2003 ) ( Jasper 2003 ) explains that Gibb’s ‘‘model comes from an educational context as opposed to a practical context’’ . ( Jasper 2003 ) The acquisition manners of many brooding theoretical accounts have still non been proven harmonizing to some and may be of no benefit to some scholars. ( Barrett 2013 )

Finally, John’s theoretical account of brooding pattern is based on five inquiries with sub headers. Contemplation: What were you seeking to accomplish? Influencing factors: What things like internal and external cognition affected your determination? Could you hold dealt with it better: What other picks did you hold and what were the effects? Learning: What will alter because of this experience? Description of the experience: How has this experience changed your manner of cognizing? ( Dran 2011 )

It is suggested by Johns that anyone utilizing this theoretical account of brooding pattern should work out why they did what they did and if anything swayed their determination to make what they did every bit good as what other things they could hold done alternatively. It is besides suggested by Johns that the individual utilizing this theoretical account thinks about what will alter because of the experience and if it has changed their position of what they did.

One failing of this theoretical account is that ‘the outside model does non go forth any room for scholars to utilize their ain consciousness, criterions and precedences and some scholars and practicians doubt the value of reflection’ . ( Davis 2005 )

Brooding pattern can frequently be interpreted in the incorrect manner. ( Loughran, 2000 ) It could be seen that if practicians are highly busy they may happen the force per unit area of finishing brooding theoretical accounts a small tiresome. There are besides some ethical concerns, which may transgress confidentiality and privateness so anyone utilizing brooding theoretical accounts of pattern should take this into consideration. It should be noted that covering with emotions in this manner can be disconcerting and make more injury than good. ( Davis 2005 )

Boud and Walker ( 1998 ) are diffident of brooding pattern as a needed portion of a class. Another unfavorable judgment on the impact on person utilizing a theoretical account of brooding pattern is that the practician ever wants to happen ways of making things better which can take to them experiencing down hearted and unworthy. If a practician is to presume that the word ‘critical’ has the same significance as ‘negative’ so this could do them experience really low so and besides highly worthless. ( Quinn 1988/2000 ) . Quinn ( 1988/2000 ) suggests that ‘the inappropriate usage of brooding Models may really devaluate practitioners’ professional work alternatively of advancing it.

It seems that non everyone would wish to use the same theoretical account as we all adapt to each state of affairs otherwise and the acquisition procedure is non the same experience for everyone, merely as all theoretical accounts of contemplation are different theoretical accounts of contemplation so are we as worlds. If used right in the right state of affairs these theoretical accounts of contemplation can be really valuable nevertheless used severely can be damaging to our thought procedure and feelings of utility. ( Quinn 1998/2000 )

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Part B Without gaining at first Gibb’s theoretical account of contemplation was the one out of all the theoretical accounts which I automatically started to and still go on to utilize. I found the theoretical account really user friendly, and this is a brooding theoretical account that is in apparent speaking English without the usage of any uncommon words. It has made me believe earnestly about state of affairss in my surveies and made me gain what I am making incorrect and what I should believe about to better the manner I study. Sometimes I do things and do non truly believe about what I am making nevertheless this theoretical account of contemplation has taught me to really halt, believe and reevaluate a state of affairs.

Here is an illustration of Gibb’s theoretical account of brooding pattern applied to my ain learning experience.

Description: What happened? I was given assignments to finish. Feelingss: What was I believing and experiencing? I was experiencing a small bothered and unsure of the work in front of me. Evaluation: What was good and bad about the experience? I thought the assignments were rather difficult to make and establish seting things into my ain words really hard.

Once I thought I eventually understood a small more I felt much better. Analysis: What sense can I do of the state of affairs? I get excessively stressed and hotfoot myself excessively much to acquire my work done all at one time. Decision: What else could I hold done? I could hold organised my clip better and done my work in little balls. Action program: If it arose once more what would I make? I will organize my clip better and work in little balls instead than seeking to make it all at one time.

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