According stages from childhood to adulthood. Moreover,

According to Paul Thompson who wrote the article
“startling find on teenage brains”, he states that emotional growth
in adolescents is lower than grownups. In addition “UCLA” conducted a
study on how the brain matures in different stages from childhood to adulthood.
Moreover, language acquisition is easily achieved than “mathematical
abstract patterns” until they reach pubescence. To add to the loss of
“brain tissue is 1 to 2% per year”. Furthermore, carefree behavior,
urge, and daring actions are not properly processed by trees.

Although this evidence is very good it doesn’t change the
fact that a crime is a crime even if it was planned or not. For instance, take
the boy Paul Thompson named “Brazill” he killed a teacher and said,
“He made a stupid mistake” but this doesn’t change that he killed a
teacher. Besides “by bringing the gun to school he planned the crime. Of
course, this means the crime couldn’t have been accidental.

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In the same fashion in 1990 a teenager murdered a woman
awaiting a baby and her husband. He says he committed the crime because”
he wanted to know it felt to shoot someone. “Likewise I feel the crime
wasn’t accidental because if it was he wouldn’t of have bragged to his friend
of how he killed someone.

On the other side, there are people who think less of these
criminals’ actions simply because of their age. There are certain people who
think America causes these problems by making weapons so easily available to
children. In my opinion, that statement is false because children don’t need to
purchase the guns, and if they did purchase a gun that doesn’t mean they have
to kill someone they are not forced. Still, guns are really easy to get a hold
of children can easily get one from a store or other person they should really
improve security for guns.

I think that children should be charged as adults because if
they can commit the crime they can also suffer the consequences. If the kids
can find a way to get a hold of a gun then they should be charged as adults. A
crime is a crime no matter how or who committed it. Finally, the argument that
the brains of the kids aren’t fully developed although is true it still doesn’t
mean that they don’t know it’s bad to commit a crime.