–“Activists from all over the country are

–“Activists from all over the country are coming forward to address the issue of road safety. But are we ready to listen to everything we have to say?”–A report by the Transport Research wing under Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India on road accidents revealed that there were at least 4.8 lakh road accidents in 2016 which led to 1.5 lakh deaths. This would mean that there were 17 deaths per hour out of 55 accidents caused on average. The accident severity, which is the number of deaths per hundred accidents, was found to be 31.4, higher than that of 29.1 in 2015. Another report found that about 46 children die every day on Indian roads. It is also heartbreaking to know that more than a million souls have been taken due to such accidents in the last decade. But what causes these gruesome accidents? The major causes are – drink-and-driving, overspeeding, jumping red lights, avoiding safety gears like seatbelts and helmets and overtaking in a wrong manner. Another important aspect found were poorly maintained roads with potholes and undefined lanes. The deaths caused due to such accidents are avoidable to a great extent. A survey found that about half of the deaths caused due to such mishappenings could be avoided with rapid assistance by passersby. This behaviour is being promoted by hosting first responder workshops and providing online assistance in case of an emergency1. Another major factor which contributes to raising awareness of various aspects of road safety is campaigning and conducting awareness activities. Various organizations are working to make the Indian roads safer to travel on. For example, IRSC (enter full form if required) develops technical solutions to solve road safety issues, conducts various awareness drives in schools and colleges, works to simplify laws to make them more accessible and holds numerous workshops with AIIMS and World Bank approved trainers. Solving such a widespread issue requires time and a tremendous amount of work, both from the government and from us, the public. It is always easy to hope for others to take precautions and solving this issue, but it is our lives that are at stake here. Our own family and friends. So let’s get up, collaborate and create a better tomorrow. #WeNeedToTalk