After few missing ingredients for success. I

After graduation, in my career trajectory I have handled various responsibilities and thus acquired varied skills. I have also played a significant role in transforming an organization’s culture and image. I can successfully accomplish work that I have had no experience in. I easily adapt to different work cultures, as I have, working in conservative as well as progressive organizations. Yet, for me to progress towards my goals, I need to add a few missing ingredients for success. I need to enhance my understanding of business, garner networking opportunities, groom myself, and build the confidence to aggressively pursue my goals. A reputed business school like CUHK MBA is the platform I need to acquire this learning.

Apart from my professional career, I am associated with Prakriti, a social initiative of IIT Jodhpur. While studying my undergraduate degree, my role as a coordinator was to manage association with local government body, organize plantation drive, and teach under privileged children in my city. Now as an alumnus, I arrange regular online info session where many of us from different parts of the world and come and share our individual experiences and provide useful guidance to the juniors. Through video conferencing, I am in constant touch with more than 10 schools and I take skype learning sessions for my children while introducing them to various perks of technology.

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During my undergraduate days, I used to actively take part in technical fests. I was the Publicity and Media Head at Ignus, the annual cultural-technical fest of IIT Jodhpur, and negotiated with several online publicity partners and advertisement agencies and news channels for generating the nationwide publicity of the event.

My career journey thus far is composed of self-discovery, triumphing over challenges, and staying true to the cause.  At MindIQ, a small startup, I worked closely with the founders and investors to execute their vision. I successfully implemented the acquired leadership skills and my technical knowledge in developing the company and taking it to new heights.  

In conclusion, I will be highly blessed if I am awarded the Scholarship. The kind of entrepreneurial and leadership experiences I have and the myriad of roles which I have played throughout my career make me prefect candidate for it.