Airbnb Company Essay

AirBnb AirBnb is successful online company, that provides a tool to connect people who need a sleeping space and people who have spare space. This company does not require credit checks and paperwork; the website of AirBnb is very simple with an easy interface; the prices are not high. All these benefits make the company attractive to customers. According to the Business Model Canvas AirBnb has its customer segments. In my opinion, a company serves different customer segments. AirBnb’s service depends on the needs and characteristics of the customers.

A visitor can find a very cheap sleeping space or a very expensive, like “a $5000 per night vacation house in Colorado”. Talking about the value proposition of the company, AirBnb provides value through prices, accessibility and convenience. They have a website with an easy interface to search, pay and communicate with potential host. Also, AirBnb has a favorable monetary policy. A renter’s fee depends on booking value and varies of 6% to 12%, which means that the remaining percent of the money for any booked nights goes into renters’ hands. Thus, it is very beneficial for majority.

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AirBnb delivers its value proposition to customers through website and mobile application. “AirBnb is a very simple application built on top of multiple platforms”. From my point of view, this company provides self-service relationship. In other words, customers use tools, which are provided by the company, in order to serve themselves. Using AirBnB service a customer can easily and effectively rent or lodge a place. AirBnb generates revenue through usage fee. The company is taking a charge of 6% to 12% of the rental price from the traveller and also an additional fee of 3% from the landlord.

Talking about partner network AirBnb has an alliance with Facebook. It brings the company “a layer of transparency”. Also, the company works with payment process Pay Pal; they work with Google, which provides map and calendar functions; the company has a partnership with national banks, that manage money for AirBnb. According to the analysis, which is based on Business Model Canvas, I can make a conclusion that AirBnb does a successful business. A lot of people use their service and the productivity is rising. ——————————————– [ 1 ]. Connectivate; p. 1 [ 2 ]. Connectivate; p. 1 [ 3 ]. Connectivate; p. 2