An Acting Critique of Legally Blonde the Musical Essay

An Acting Critique of Legally Blonde the Musical
On Friday dark. May 3rd at & A ; p. m. . my female parent and I attended the gap dark of Legally Blonde in the Buena P. A. C. I must get down by stating that I am somewhat biased towards one of the histrions who merely so happens to be my sister. so the functions of Chutney. the miss who by chance murdered her male parent. and a Delta Nu sister have ne’er been played more absolutely in my eyes. While I found the drama both diverting and gratifying. there were some large issues every bit far as opening dark goes. Thingss like deficiency of projection ( on top of some serious mike issues. which I can non fault the histrions for ) . histrions burying lines. and sloppy blocking. particularly in many of the dances during the musical Numberss. all took away from the overall experience of the show. However. there were decidedly some things I perfectly loved. which were largely specific characters. Besides. the quality of the vocalizing in all the musical Numberss was really high. which is something you don’t see frequently in a high school musical production. That being said. I thought it was deserving my five dollars. and a great manner for Buena to stop its 2012-13 season.

Like I said before. proficient facets such as mike malfunctions can non be blamed on the histrions. It is the occupation of the technicians to guarantee all of the equipment maps decently. However. I believe that histrions should non trust on such proficient facets entirely to guarantee that they are efficaciously heard by every member of the audience. Name me old fashioned. but I am a house truster in projection ; doing your voice bounciness off the walls of the theatre. After all. theatres are geometrically designed to make merely that. But I guess non everyone feels that manner. and it was evident Friday dark when every clip an actor’s mike went out. it was as if they were whispering. This is frequently damaging to the secret plan because if histrions can non be heard. critical pieces of information are lost upon the audience. This issue could hold been non-existent if the histrions had practiced their projection. Luckily. I saw the film foremost. so I knew the secret plan before I even watched the drama.

Along with non ever being able to hear the histrions. line memorisation seemed to do a few jobs on phase Friday dark every bit good. I will acknowledge. it was non as apparent of a job as was the deficiency of audibleness at times.
but I did detect it rather a few times. The illustration that stood out to me most was the character of Paulette. the proprietor of Elle’s favourite salon and close friend to Elle. She was in the center of a solo on phase and wholly dropped about an full poetry of her vocal. I will non judge her excessively harshly because I to the full understand the force per unit areas of opening dark. and I am certain the force per unit area of a solo is every bit as heavy. I am merely utilizing it as an illustration. Any other line faux pass I noticed were reasonably minor. and when they happened. the histrions did a reasonably good occupation of covering it up and traveling with the flow.

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The last large job I had with Legally Blonde the Musical was the blocking. Name me brainsick. but it seemed to me towards the terminal of the drama that either the histrions got highly lazy with their blocking during the dances. or they merely did non practise the scenes plenty. Either manner. it was really obvious. Actors were away tempo. knocking into one another. and were besides wholly out of sync when they should non hold been. The histrions most guilty of that were the Delta Nu sorority sisters ( except my sister. of class ) . I besides noticed that it was non merely the dance scenes that lacked barricading. but so did many of the colloquial scenes. I love watching actors’ faces more than anything because I believe that’s where most acting is done. I wanted so severely to make that Friday dark. but I spent the whole clip stretch outing my cervix to seek and acquire glances. Quite annoying. sing the fact that my female parent and I showed up about a half hr early to acquire seats in the centre of the house. Acting is all about action. and action can non be understood if it can non be seen.

Now that I have ranted and raved about what I truly did non bask about the Friday dark screening of Legally Blonde the Musical. I should likely speak about the things that I truly enjoyed. which decidedly outweighed the bad. My absolute favourite character ( besides the 1s played by my sister ) was Enid Hoopes. played by senior Aubrie Bouchard. She was a women’s rights militant. every bit good as a full-blooded sapphic. your mean tough miss with a batch to turn out to the universe. She was perfectly screaming ; her timing was great. her character development was amazing. and her projection was fantastic. She had me turn overing with all of her absolutely timed epigrams. particularly when her inner sapphic showed.

My other favourite group of characters was Elle’s three best friends from Malibu: Pilar. Margot. and Serena. who besides came to be known as the Grecian chorus. This was an highly appropriate moniker because they served the same intent as the original Grecian choruses in the first dramas. They ever showed up in Elle’s times of demand to supply her with support. and to supply the audience with information. They besides happened to be screaming and bubbly. as Delta Nu sisters should be. They besides had fantastic projection. particularly Serena. played by Jansen Morgen. I besides enjoyed Professor Callahan’s character. played by Braxton Olgetree. He was non a really sympathetic character every bit far as the secret plan of the drama went. but I could state the histrion put a batch of work into his character. particularly on the voice. He was drab and drone. merely like a jurisprudence professor at Harvard should be. and his character work truly shone through. I besides must advert the most endearing and well behaved character of the full show. the portion of Rufus. Paulette’s Canis familiaris. played by an American bulldog named Sarge. He was both cunning and flawless.

The other thing I loved about this drama was the overall quality of the vocalizing. I was really pleased with all the musical Numberss ; all the vocals were cunning and catchy. no 1 made my ears bleed. and I could hear everyone reasonably good even with all of the mike issues. Normally. from my personal experience. most high school musicals consist of two groups of people: choir childs and theatre childs. Not all choir childs can move. and non all theatre childs can sing. but I am pleased to state that this musical was non that manner. Everyone was able to sing and move rather efficaciously. My favourite musical figure was the vocal “Gay or European” . which was performed in the courtroom scene when they were seeking to calculate out whether or non the pool male child. who claimed to be Brooke Windam’s lover. was homosexual. It was really light-humored and entertaining. I besides enjoyed the gap figure. “Ohmigod” . which was performed by Elle and her Delta Nu sisters in the really beginning.

Like I said from the start. I was a small colored towards this drama from the beginning merely because my small sister was in it. However. even when I put my prejudice aside. I can candidly state I was exhaustively pleased with my experience as an audience member as a whole. While I must acknowledge there were assorted issues with things like histrion projection. deficiency of proper blocking. and deficiency of line memorisation. the overall quality of moving was rather gratifying. The character work done by most of the histrions was really evident and commendable. I loved all of the chief characters. every bit good as the minor 1s. The vocalizing was besides antic ; I did non happen myself flinching at any of the musical Numberss. Alternatively. I really found myself tapping my pess and sometimes even singing along with the catchy vocals. I know the screenings of Legally Blonde the Musical are all over now. but I would urge it to anyone to travel and see that show. It was decidedly an “A” public presentation.