Applying Speech Interface To Chess Game Computer Science Essay

Multimodal interfaces enable different ways of interaction through different channels. These channels include touch, address, gesture, and etc. Speech interface is one of the mode that takes the sound inputs from the user and generates responses harmonizing to the input.

Communication through address is the natural manner of interacting. Speech interface is being used in different applications. One of the outstanding countries of application includes Gaming. The address interface makes the game drama more natural and more affecting. The user feels more involved in the game with the address interface.

Peoples with particular demands, can non pass on with a computing machine in a traditional manner. So many techniques and AIDSs are developed to back up the synergistic communicating between the computing machine and the people with damages. Speech acknowledgment, oculus regard sensing are some of the techniques used to assist these people. Games are a signifier of amusement for computing machine users. But these communities of people are unable to play computing machine games utilizing the traditional input devices such as mouse, keyboard, game tablet and etc. They need to hold other agencies of communicating channels. By utilizing different modes games can be made so that they can be played by the people with particular demands.

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Logical games like Chess, Sudoku and some mystifier games increase the intellectuality of the participants. Speech interface can non wholly replace the traditional ways commanding the input, because games frequently require complex combination of different input devices such as mouse, cardinal board or game tablet. But the communicating for strategic, turn based games like Chess, Checkers, can be about wholly replaced by utilizing speech interface. Because, these sort of games require merely a simple input bids from the participants.

Furthermore, speech interface brings involvement for the normal participants excessively. Because, Computer based cheat game is, fundamentally, package running on a computing machine. It makes the user feel that, he is fundamentally playing a game with an unreal plan. Natural means of communicating makes the user feel that he is playing the game with a human opposition instead than a computing machine. A game is better played when the interaction with the opposition is more natural. Voice communicating between the participant and the computing machine makes the game drama natural. Playing games on laptops is a small spot complex, when extra input devices are non available. Because it is a hard move the arrow fast utilizing the touch tablets. Speech embedded games are easier to play on laptops.


We are trying to construct a address interface to the cheat game. Taking the clip into consideration, we merely wanted to construct a basic address communicating between the user and the game along with a partial natural interaction. We have categorized degrees of communicating into simple, modest and complex or natural. In simple degree of communicating, user has limited bid over the duologues. User must utilize the predefined communicating duologue system to play through the game. Modest degree offers basic communicating and a partial natural communicating. Natural communicating gives the user, a full bid over the communicating. User can interact with the game in a natural manner. But due to the clip restrictions we have chosen to develop the modest degree of communicating interface for the chess game.


The chief of purpose of our undertaking is to construct to a address interface to a Chess game. The chief demands of the undertaking is to do the cheat game to play utilizing the address commands. The demands are met when the cheat game is really playable with modest degree of communicating.

Undertaking Plan

First thing, in our undertaking is to acquire the beginning codification for the cheat game, which is freely available in the Internet. After analysing the beginning codification and after the complete apprehension of the logic we will get down developing the address interface for the game. First, we will try to cover with user side communicating duologues. Then we will seek to develop the computing machine communicating duologues with the user. This communicating may perchance be through an life face talking to the user. After the minimum demands are met, if clip allows, we will seek to do the duologues a little more natural.


One of the members of the group, Mr. Abdus Sattar is good cognizant of the package languages and the scheduling, and the other member, Bharat is good at logical determinations. So based upon our strengths we have divided our work. Mr. Abdus Sattar will be taking attention of the analysis of the beginning codification and all the undertakings related to programming linguistic communication. Mr. Bharat will be taking of the work with CSLU toolkit, which is used to bring forth the address communicating duologues. We work together on MS address API. Both the members will work together throughout the procedure of undertaking, and in all the state of affairss where typical determinations have to be made.


As the first measure of the undertaking is to hold a complete apprehension of the beginning codification of the cheat game, it may take at least 2 yearss to hold a thorough apprehension. Preparation of the duologues for the communicating takes one twenty-four hours, but the communicating duologues may change throughout the procedure depending upon the picks we might see. Constructing up the interface utilizing the CSLU tool kit and logical implanting the duologues at appropriate places and linking both the game and the interface may take up to 7 to 10 yearss. Since, we can merely entree the CSLU tool kit package in the labs we will schedule our clip day-to-day to work in the labs. We thought of working in the labs in the afternoon times ( perchance from 1 PM to 6 PM ) .


Since, address is the natural medium of communicating, the general outlooks of the address controlled game might differ from the consequences of the undertaking. Natural manner of communicating may non be possible within the short continuance of clip. Developing the address interface may confront some hazards in the procedure of adhering the game and the address commands together. Human communicating contains similar words and since the pronunciation of one individual may differ from one individual to another individual. This may coerce us to change the picks we made before. We are seeking to construct the duologues in manner that they are distinguishable and easy apprehensible by the participant.

Related Work

By the pre survey for the undertaking which included the hunt for the articles, we found that even though speech interface is used in many application countries, bet oning field has n’t to the full utilized the address interface. We found merely a few of the articles which are related to the address interface for games. We tried to show the inside informations of the articles related to our undertaking.

In the article “ Designing Speech interfaces ” , writers Nicole yankelovich and Jennifer Lai discussed the issues related to the designing of address interfaces. They mentioned that utilizing address interfaces to computing machine applications has many possible advantages. They said that the input commands or informations entry is really easy through the address interface. One of the jobs they mentioned is that even though address input is error prone address end product is frequently hard to understand. The article described about the types of address synthesists. “ Parameterized ” synthesists are little and fast but are non natural. “ concatonative ” are more natural but are more resource intensifier. The article mentioned that successful address interfaces must non go against the colloquial conventions. Because of the noisy backgrounds and different grounds address interfaces is non error prone. Using different modes when the mistake occurs repetitively, they can be controlled.

In the article “ A Fundamental Study of Novel Speech Interface for Computer Games ” , writers Hiroaki NANJO, Hiroki MIKAMI, Suguru KUNIMATSU, Hiroshi KAWANO and Takanobu NISHIURA described about a fresh address interface for computing machine game systems. They mentioned about a job in their article, which is, the job of aroused addresss generated by the users while playing the game. They mentioned that ASR ( Automatic Speech Recognizer ) works good with polite addresss but it faces jobs with aroused addresss. They distinguish the cries from the shriek. A cry contains lingual information, whereas the shriek has no lingual information. Article suggests that it is more preferred to separate the cry from of course expressing addresss since it provides a more natural manner of ineraction. Writers performed some trials to utilize the yelled addresss as a signifier of interaction. They besides mentioned about including the laugh, cough and whistle sounds as a signifier of interaction as their hereafter work.

In the article, “ Applying Speech Interface to Mahjong Game ” , writers Jie Zhang1, Ji Zhao1, Shuanhu Bai2, Zhiyong Huang mentioned about the consequences of using a address interface to a popular Chinese game called Mahjong. In this article writers described a multi-model interface for the game. Article mentioned about the jobs involved in the address interfaces while playing the games, such as attending grabbing and transient address. Once the voice end product from the computing machine is over, it is gone no affair whether the participant listened to it or non. So they made the duologues really abruptly. Writers used the synthesis engine to develop the address interface. After the experiments conducted by the writers consequences proved that speech interface enhanced the interaction between the users and the computing machine.

In the article, An Execution of Multi-Modal Game Interface Based on PDAs, writers Kue-Bum Lee, Jung-Hyun Kim and Kwang-Seok Hong mentioned about a PDA based multi-model web game interface utilizing address, gesture and touch esthesiss. In the article writers mentioned that multi-model games have created a new chance for Mobile operators and other service suppliers to widen the popularity of their games. They mention two attacks to turn to the handiness issues of the people with particular demands. One, by and large games are developed to be compatible with assistive engineerings, that is speech interface can be utile for the non action games which do n’t necessitate fast physiological reactions and reactions. Two, particular games can be developed specifically for the people with disablements. Propose a PDAs-based multimodal game interface utilizing double-touching by matching embedded address and gesture recognizer, and implement the multi-modal omok game utilizing a TCP/IP-based PDA web. The interface for the desktop computing machines and PDAs is different. They used address synthesist for address and radio baseball mitt to acknowledge the gestures. The consequences of the trials showed improved public presentations.

In the article “ Universal address interface ” , writers Ronald Rosenfeld, Dan Olsen and Alex Rudnicky discussed about the advantages and the jobs included in constructing the address interfaces. They mentioned about three cardinal advantages of the address interfaces.

Speech is an ambient medium instead than an attentional one.

Address is descriptive instead than referential.

Speech requires modest physical resources.

Writers felt that the chief benefit of the address interface is non the naturalness in the communicating but the ubiquitousness. Because of the simple size of the devices such as a earphone and a mike writers believe that speech interface can be embedded into applications really easy. Situations where text, indicating and other devices are non accessible. The writers mentioned about different attacks for making useable speech systems such as Natural linguistic communication, Dialogue trees and bids. Writers mentioned that context based natural interaction is more executable than a general interaction mechanism.