Applying The Four Actions Framework Business Essay

As the universe enters globalisation, it is of import that concerns embrace inventions in their selling schemes in order to maintain up with current selling tendencies. As what adept strategians say, there is no such thing as a perfect company but a company may take for flawlessness when they learn to place the less-smart things they do and transform them into making more smart-things. The Blue Ocean Strategy ( BOS ) was created in order to dispute industries to travel out of their comfort zones and get down making uncontested market infinites that makes the competition irrelevant. This Blue Ocean scheme is in contrast of the Red Ocean Strategy as proposed by Kim and Mauborgne ( 2005 ) wherein in industries that exist in the Red Oceans exists in a known market place and those in the Blue Ocean exist elsewhere wherein market boundaries are non clearly identified doing competition neither here nor at that place given that the no 1 knows the regulation of the game. BOS focuses on four distinguishable actions that aims to cut down costs and creates a spring in value through the procedure of eliminate-reduce-reuse-create. Harmonizing to Kim and Mauborgne ( 2005 ) , the most critical among these actions are to extinguish and cut down since these will assist companies diminish their costs in realizing a strategic transmutation. The end of this paper is to do an application of the Blue Ocean Strategy ( BOS ) to an Australian company, MiniMovers.


MiniMovers is an office and place distance furniture removalist that has existed for 26 old ages. Its laminitis, Mike O’Hagan puts up the company with merely a $ 200 investing in which he managed to turn into a fast turning company accomplishing a turnover which exceeded $ 23 million. Its low beginnings started out when local clients have been let down by all of the expensive removalists around the country. Being cognizant of this job, Mike offered to assist these clients out. He was besides cognizant that traveling took truly long hours and believed that bear downing clients with a fixed monetary value was non sensible so he sought out a different scheme and transformed MiniMovers as the lone industry in Australia that offered their expertness in an hourly rate. Because of this transmutation, Mike ‘s industry became 80 % cheaper that the citations provided by their rivals. This has lead to the success of MiniMovers and has continued to populate on with its construct of “ Creating Ecstatically Happy Customers ” ( MiniMovers Profile 2011 ) .

MiniMovers belong to the removalist industry wherein they provide traveling and resettlement services which include local to long-distance and may include international conveyance of used institutional, family, commercial goods and equipment. MiniMovers offer assortment of services which really encompass the typical removalist company. What is alone is that they really pioneered the short hourly and short-distance moving system and use the “ Perfect Boxes ” which guarantees that client ‘s goods are good packed and moved without harm.

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Since the debut of strategic direction in the economic field, industries have begun prosecuting their competitory advantage in the planetary market. Lamb ( 1984 ) proposed that strategic direction was a uninterrupted procedure that aims to measure and command the industries in which that certain company is involved in and assesses its rivals and create concern ends and schemes in order to run into with bing rivals. These schemes will so hold to be reassessed quarterly as proposed, in order to find how effectual it is or whether or non it has succeeded otherwise these schemes may necessitate replacing in order to maintain up with uninterrupted alteration in engineering, rival schemes, new economic environment every bit good as the socio-political environment.

From its debut up to the present clip, strategic direction has proven to be a cardinal resource which industries and concern leaders use to trail competition advantages ( Chandler, 1962 ) . In the construct of BOS, strategic direction is really a value invention instead than merely apparent invention. It is a scheme that is implemented with the aim to clinch the full system of a company ‘s actions. The construct of value invention is necessitating companies to point the full system into achieving an efficient spring in both values for clients and themselves. Harmonizing to Kim and Mauborgne ( 2005 ) , strategic direction should be implemented with a Reconstructionist position. This means that the strategic purpose of a company must be to make new and best-practices regulations by interrupting the typical and bing value-cost trade off which finally leads to making the so called bluish ocean.

four actions framework.jpg

Figure 1. The Four Actions Framework ( Kim & A ; Mauborgne, 2005 )

Figure 1 illustrates the Four Actions Framework of BOS proposed by Kim and Mauborgne ( 2005 ) . This model was introduced in order to divide the tradeoff between low-cost and distinction to do manner for a creative activity of a new value curve. Companies should be able to reply the four nucleus inquiries: ( 1 ) which factors that are taken for granted should be eliminated? This inquiry challenges the company to see extinguishing the factors that companies belonging to the industry have long competed for. Companies who really do benchmarking neglect to place what these factors are. ( 2 ) Which factors should be reduced below the criterions of the business/industry? This challenges companies to find if whether or non the services or merchandises they offer to their clients have been overdesigned merely to be able win the race against their rivals. The inclination of those companies who ever focus on how to crush their oppositions stop up making overrated services that increases their cost construction without any addition in return. ( 3 ) Which industries should be raised for industry criterions and ( 4 ) which factors should be created wherein the industry has ne’er offered/implemented? Before the Blue Ocean Strategy model can be applied, many strategians utilize Porter ‘s ( 1979 ) five forces theory as a scheme canvas can merely be created one time one captures the modern-day province of the drama by detailing the factors that participants compete on in footings of merchandises, services and even bringing. In other words, before one can place what BOS scheme good suits a company, one must place first what Porter ( 1979 ) respects as the five competition forces. Once these viing forces are identified, so the Blue Ocean model will be applied in order to implement a scheme program which improves the companies ‘ efficiency.

Harmonizing to Porter ( 1979 ) , new rivals that enter the market will greatly fracture the order of the industry since they tend to act upon more competition among current participants in the market doing more intense market portions. The removalist industry is controlled and is non an easy concern venture since the industry features such as freight-rates, barriers to entry, and sub-contracting are really determined by the kineticss of the sector. With regard to competitory competition within the industry sector, competition really has a direct menace to the endurance of the endeavor. Many endeavors within the sector have the same involvements doing the competition intense and high. There is a dual characteristic with respect to competition in Australia ‘s removalist companies. At one point, there is possible for development in the industry as harmonizing to Relocate Magazine ( 2011 ) , despite the tough twelvemonth of the remotions sector during 2009-2010, they are accommodating to the concern landscape and are on the broke side of a booming belongings market. On the other manus, because of the lags in the belongings and corporate disbursement, there may be falling demand in their services taking to falling gross. Porter ( 1979 ) recognizes the bargaining powers of providers and refers to supplier power as “ providers ” that have an impact to the fight and profitableness of the endeavor in footings of monetary value and value of product/services. In the instance of remotions companies and that of MiniMover ‘s in peculiar, providers may be recognized as their work force [ e.g prepackers, unpackers ] . One factor impacting MiniMovers is the quality, preparation and keeping of their employees. Another factor is the dickering power of clients as porter ( 1979 ) describes that purchaser power has a direct consequence on the profitableness of the industry by inquiring high quality on a footing of a cheerless monetary value. There are two cardinal factors that have been identified to impact the consumer penchant in a removalist industry which are easiness of quality and the evaluation monetary value of the given quality. The easiness of quality refers to the indirect feelings that a client gets during the procedure of inquiring for the companies ‘ services such as the value added service and possibly the easiness to acquire the service. The evaluation monetary value of the given quality is referred to as the direct feelings clients get during the service itself such as the quality, cost, exchanging costs and stop consequence. Last, Porter ( 1979 ) suggests that endeavors within different industries will vie with each other particularly when their merchandises or services replacement. In a removalist industry, it is really hard to acknowledge the differences among industries since they offer and present a similar scope of service at a strikingly similar monetary value scope. Companies can really be on top of the game when non merely their services, but the environment and client service can provide to the penchant of the possible clients. It is hence assumed that traditional services are factors that affect MiniMover ‘s fight.


Now that Porter ‘s ( 1979 ) five competition forces have been identified, it is clip to reason what is the “ Blue Ocean ” scheme that Minimover ‘s can use.

Create – Based on the above analysis, what greatly affects removalist industries is the pricing and quality of service that they offer to their clients. Since Minimover ‘s rely on client feedback and the construct of “ making rapturously happy clients ” they must make a market research squad in order to follow the tendencies in client penchant and cod information on how to do more systematized and streamlined preparation system in order to guarantee that employee ‘s grasps client ideals and keep the company ‘s vision.

Eliminate – MiniMover ‘s should extinguish benchmarking and stick to their quality of service and the possible to raise their monetary values. Since clients prefer the thought of holding a traveling service that would outdo suit their budget and needs it is non necessary for them to increase their monetary values merely to run into up with the monetary values of their rivals. This does non besides mean that they should offer low monetary values but continue to lodge to the usual monetary value scope they offer. BOS does non capture the mass mark clients through low-priced pricing but instead through strategic-pricing and they key is to non prosecute pricing against rivals within an industry but pursue pricing against options ( Kim & A ; Mauborgne 2005 ) .

Raise – In connexion with extinguishing benchmark ‘s and the thought of increasing monetary values, they must keep their monetary value and raise their quality of services. As identified utilizing Porter ‘s ( 1979 ) model, what drives client penchants is the easiness of quality and the evaluation monetary value of the given quality. As stated earlier, making a selling scheme that would assist to place the tendencies of client penchant would let the creative activity of a preparation system that would do certain employees understand their client ‘s demands. This will raise their quality of services and would raise the feelings of client ‘s easiness of quality. Aside from raising quality, it would give the opportunity for companies to look into the differences among clients and maximise market portion through bing markets by being able to suit the differing demands of these clients.

Reduce – As analyzed, what is really of import in a removalist industry is the quality of their services such as being able to help traveling at the clip of the client ‘s penchant [ illustration when clients want the occupation done every bit shortly as possible the industry must do it go on ] and doing certain that the quality of the move is done with easiness [ this means that there are no belongings amendss or any circumstance that would drive the clients to be unhappy ] . The company should cut down accent on the placing the tools or equipments needed for the move but focal point on how to really do the traveling experience pleasant. What usage are equipments when movers can non utilize these equipments right to provide to their clients ‘ demands.