Architect: Analyzing Southwest Airlines Essay

Company’s Strategy: Southwest’s scheme is to better efficiency in its operations and base on balls cost economy to its clients by offering them low and competitory monetary values. Southwest Airlines is dedicated to supplying the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of heat. friendliness. single pride. and company Spirit. Analyze each cardinal component of the company individually based on the congruity Model

Organization Structure ( Formal Structure ) : The organisation of Southwest Airlines is best described as an inverted pyramid – an organisation really much in line with the manner they want to make concern. The upper direction is at the underside and supports the front line employees. who are the experts. Front line employees play a major function in the annual concern planning and operational budgeting which for a great portion is done bottom-up instead than top-down. This is the fruit of co-founder Herb Kelleher’s irregular leading manner. in which direction determinations are made by everyone in the organisation. non merely the caput executives. The company does non set much accent on construction alternatively. employees are encouraged to believe freely without restraints such as rubrics or official authorizations.

Culture ( Informal Structure ) : The development betterment and polish of originality. individualism and individuality and personality of a given people. This is how southwest air hoses specify its civilization. Southwest Airlines was built on their alone civilization. continuously tout it and hold dedicated a place to invariably pass oning it. Southwest executives are clear on who they are and who would be a good tantrum to “live the Southwest manner. ” Three constituents include holding a • Warrior spirit: Work hard. desire to be the best. be brave. expose a sense of urgency. persevere and introduce. • Servant’s bosom: Follow the aureate regulation. put others foremost. show proactive client service and encompass the Southwest household. • Fun-loving attitude: Don’t take yourself excessively earnestly. keep perspective. celebrate successes. enjoy work and be a passionate squad participant.

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Work ( Task ) – Airline Operations. Requires skilled work force and much accent is placed on clients relation and to supplying quality service. To work for Southwest 1 must follow a vision that is client service oriented and hence. pleasant in demeanour and household friendly. Southwest has a particular trueness and committedness to its employees. Southwest had the lowest turnaround clip for its aircrafts for a long period of clip. To carry through the hard undertaking. workers performed many undertakings. including lading and unloading baggage. emptying wastes. taking bundles and assisting riders. or they were trained to make a batch of multitasking.

Peoples – One of the many things good about Southwest Airlines is that the sorts of people who are heroes of the organisation are people who care and go out of their manner to assist the clients. They’re the 1s who are celebrated and held up as reflecting illustrations. Additionally. high degrees of satisfaction among employees can be attributed to Southwest employee policy. Happy employees can supply high quality service and convey more clients back. To reenforce the civilization of difficult work. high-energy. merriment. local liberty. and creativeness. the company provided uninterrupted instruction plan to employees. If you can assist person out or lighten up someone’s twenty-four hours. be it a colleague or a rider. you’re making your occupation good. Analyze how these elements interact with each other.

1. Work and Peoples: The workers in the company are recruited through a procedure where the right people are chooses for the right occupation and accent is placed on attitude. Besides accent is placed on people who can make anything to acquire a peculiar undertaking done. Coordination and cooperation is ever emphasized and people who were can multitask and travel out of their manner to assist clients or finish a undertaking are treated as heroes. 2. Work and Structure: The construction places accent on people and the work they do. Management determinations are made by taking into consideration the thoughts and suggestions from the front line. The front line of the company is involved in the full determination doing done in the company. Since the worker bee is cardinal to all determination devising in Southwest. it gives the employees in the organisation authorization to do alterations to the construction for the maximal benefit of the organisation. This leads to higher congruity between work and construction.

3. Structure and Peoples: The organisation construction allows the people to work efficaciously and take duty. Job duties are non purely defined. The construction provides for people to make anything and everything to acquire a undertaking done. For illustration. the pilots helped clean a plane when all custodies were required to turnaround a flight rapidly. 4. Peoples and Culture: The civilization of sou’-west air hoses is people centric. Employees are celebrated and made heroes if employees go out of their manner to assist clients or colleagues. The civilization supports the people and nurtures them to believe of the company as an extension of themselves and care and back up other member of the company.

5. Culture and Work: The civilization of the company is reflected in the work performed by the employees. In one scenario where a rival air hose resolutenesss to cut down pricing ( to half the monetary value of what sou’-west was bear downing ) so that it can set southwest out of concern. but southwest comes up with a alone thought. Alternatively of cut downing the monetary value they provided clients with free spirits and the clients liked it. This shows high congruity between the civilization and work because alone thoughts come when employees think freely and are besides willing to work to do these thoughts successful. 6. Structure and Culture: Yes. The formal construction the organisation is divided into assorted sections based on maps ( that work cohesively ) and the informal construction provides for communicating to flux freely amongst assorted sections. The informal construction besides encourages to do alterations to the formal construction if required because the determination doing procedure flows from the bottom alternatively of the top.

Decision: Southwest Airlines is efficaciously able to suit together the four cardinal constituents of public presentation. undertakings. people. construction. and civilization. These elements worked together in unison and produced an organization-wide system that maps expeditiously and efficaciously.