Are is good, but not good enough,

Are people starting to minimize the importance of talent? Actually some do. Talent doesn’t always have to mean people who are lazy because they have a talent and don’t have to work it.  A definition for talent would be: having a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught.  First of all talents are God’s blessing, that anyone would be grateful to have. People say talent is never going to be good enough unless you work for it, this is something we can actually agree on; but if we see it on another perspective, people aren’t always seeking for more, so if they are satisfied with what they have actually talent is good enough without it. Talents has its ways to give you a head start but if you want to finish it you will need to “work on it”, therefore some people may find it easier and without any trouble just by not working on it. Usually people say: “Hard work beats talent, when talent is failing to work hard”. Talent is good, but not good enough, talent will fail if you are not willing to work for it. Saying, no work no success. Talent is useless with no work. Hard work and perseverance will beat out pure talent any day. Talent gives you a head start, but hard work finishes the race. In other words, hard work will overcome talent if talent fails to work hard. However, people who have talent are claimed for not working on it but it is really not their obligation. Talent is like a gift or blessing, which they can decide what to do with it. On the other side, people who work do it because they admire talented people and king of “copy” them; though we have to admit some people who work hard at the end find out that they did had a talent. But as you can tell those who work and succeed they still need a piece of talent to make that hard work, “work”. Talent is needed no matter what, there is no talentless person who can succeed and that is why talent is more important in this case.Generally, people say. “Hard work beats talent because working for something makes you want to show how much you really want it and exhibits just how dedicated you are”. Dedication and hard work means more than talent. Being compromised and working for something really means a lot more than talent. Without hard work, again, a talent is useless and unworthy. Working to achieve something is better because it will bring you better results and a much bigger and lasting success.To be honest, sometimes a talented person can really appreciate their talent and show their willingness or interest in what they do; not only people who work hard demonstrate it. If you love what you do, talent or not, you´ll prove it. Besides, who said that talented people are not compromised or can´t be. There is no need for stereotyping anyone, just because some do. Talented people can be as compromised as one who works. Talent does not always have to mean being less, people with talent have it for a reason, if they do not appreciate it then that is there problem; right?Now the most common and repeated of all is: “Practice makes perfect”. Working hard and putting extra effort can lead to success, making it more durable. Hard work finishes the race talent started. Without hard work you cannot expect your talent to last, hard workers will overcome you. Only with practice you will improve does not matter how much talent you have or how easy are things to you. Even when you think you are good or awesome there is something more you can always give and improve, there is where practice makes perfect.Actually, talent is a gift not everyone can achieve by copying, a talent is not always easy. Talent can be good too even if it is better to practice it and work it out more. Nowadays the problem is that people are wasting their talents making them look worthless and there is were talents give a head start to hard work. Hard workers have not been given the talent easily so they work for it but, is because of their willingness and passion, usually talented people do not always come as expected, though some do. Talented people who have that willingness and really love what they do, overcome those who work hard, because their talent has a bigger weight than those who work; they look also more natural.As a result, both things are needed specially for people without talent require a little bit of both. Without hard work a talent is useless, and people without talent can work hard enough to become as good as the talented or simply not succeed . Talent can succeed or not it will depend on the person or their willingness. At the end hard work kind of complements talent. Of course some things require some hard work but what I meant was that it is not always necessary or obligatory. Actually if talent and hard work go hand in hand it provides better results, but in this case I tried to stand by the side of talent because I said to myself that it will be interesting to support a side if which people are usually against. Talent has its ways to persuade the path with or without hard work at the end it will show their results, hard work is actually an  option for talented people or do you disagree? I know many people will disagree with this essay but I think this will leave you to think about how talented people may feel when they have their talent and feel happy about it, but they don’t need more from it and people are judging them for not giving more, even if they don’t want to.