Around trip across Rajasthan that brought the

Around 4 years ago, a simple, soft-spoken person was roaming on Indian Highways following truck drivers. It wasn’t a newfangled hobby or any strange disorder. After being a Mckinsey alumnus and having coveted degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, Mr. Deepak Garg was on the road to pursue his entrepreneurial desires.

In June 2014, while distributing pillow to truck drivers through an NGO, Mr. Garg met many truck drivers and dhabawalas. It was his interaction with a man running Driver Seva Kendra, that made him realize the ill-state of truck drivers in India. This realization inspired him to introduce ‘Relay Model’, where drivers pass on trucks like relay batons after every 250-300km.

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On 11th August 2014, Rivigo Service Private Limited was incorporated. It was previously known as TrucksFirst. As the name of the company suggests, Garg’s main aim was to solve the problems faced by the truck drivers across India. It was a road trip across Rajasthan that brought the situation forefront to Garg.

Mr. Garg drove around 1200 kilometers from Delhi to Vapi to understand the condition and it was horrid. The major problem was the number of days a truck driver spends away from his home. This number was 25 days a month, on an average, which is a major cause of several diseases and falling prey to substance abuse because of their lifestyle. India needs about a million truck drivers every year, which is about 10 percent of the new jobs that we create.

In India, the logistics supply chain is entirely unorganized and complex. Unlike the US and Europe were carrying a cargo over long distance is considered as skill employment, in India, driving a truck means that the person is unable to find any other job. As per estimates, there is a scarcity of 1 million truck drivers in India.

Deepak disrupted the sector by building an exclusive ‘Driver Relay Model’ and consistently providing incomparable delivery times to clients which is 50%-70% lesser while improving the lifestyle of the truck drivers. The vehicles travel 22-23 hours a day due to driver change over because of which they cover 800-1000 km of travel per day, 3x that of typical trucks. For perishables transportation, this brings in a unique capability to connect growers to markets that they were not accessing earlier.

In India, there is lack of trust in temperature integrity of the refrigerated transportation. There are many instances of drivers switching off AC in transit to save of fuel cost. Rivigo introduced Real-time remote temperature monitoring and Remote temperature management system (through mobile app) to overcome these challenges. This system is also useful in preventing “chill-injury” (when FFVs are damaged due to sudden exposure to ambient temperature).

But this is just the beginning for Mr. Garg. Through Rivigo, he plans to bring a positive change to the lives of 100,000 truck drivers and their families by 2025. Through that, they want to inspire many hundred thousand more to join the truck driver workforce.