Artificial Intelligence And Building A Lego Robot Computer Science Essay

This experiment, we will concentrate on doing a Lego automaton. The automatons and detectors through the usage of the codification, can avoid obstacles themselves. The automaton so that we understand the cognition of unreal intelligence.

What is AI?

“ Artificial intelligence ” the novels from the Hagiographas of Hugo Rees Degas & lt ; The Artilect War & gt ; . “ Artificial intelligence ” is foremost learned in 1956 raised Dartmouth. Since so, research workers have developed many theories and rules, besides will spread out the construct of unreal intelligence. AI is a ambitious scientific discipline, in this work must understand computing machine cognition, psychological science and doctrine. Artificial intelligence is really wide, including scientific discipline, it is composed by different Fieldss, such as machine acquisition, computing machine vision, and so, in general, a major end of unreal intelligence research is to enable the machine normally requires a figure of competent human intelligence to finish complex work. But different times, different people on this “ complex work ” apprehension is different. For illustration, scientific and technology calculating heavy very important persons encephalon could hold been borne, and now the computing machine is non merely able to finish this computation, and can make it faster than the human encephalon, more accurately, consequent to modern people no longer see this computation as a “ human intelligence needed to finish the complex undertaking ” , the definition of complex work can be seen as the epoch of automatons with unreal intelligence, hair

The advancement of development and alterations in engineering, unreal intelligence, the specific aims of this scientific discipline is besides altering with the times of natural development. On the one manus to derive new advancement, on the one manus and turned to more meaningful and more hard ends. Now can be used to analyze unreal intelligence and the ability to accomplish cardinal stuff means the machine is the computing machine unreal intelligence, unreal intelligence and computing machine history is the history of scientific discipline and engineering linked. In add-on to outside computing machine scientific discipline, unreal intelligence besides involves information theory, cybernetics, mechanization, bionics, biological science, psychological science and mathematical logic, linguistics, medical specialty and doctrine and other subjects. The chief topic of unreal intelligence include: cognition representation, automated logical thinking and hunt methods, machine acquisition and cognition acquisition, cognition processing systems, natural linguistic communication apprehension, computing machine vision, intelligent automaton, automatic plan design.

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Practical application

Machine Vision: fingerprint designation, face acknowledgment, retina acknowledgment, iris acknowledgment, palmprint acknowledgment, adept systems, intelligent hunt, theorem proving, game, automatic scheduling, every bit good as aerospace applications.

Capable countries

Edge unreal intelligence is a subject, a natural scientific discipline and societal scientific discipline of the cross.

Related topics

A Philosophy and cognitive scientific discipline, mathematics, neurophysiology, psychological science, computing machine scientific discipline, information theory, control theory, uncertainness theory, bionics,

Research Areas

A Natural linguistic communication processing, cognition representation, intelligent hunt, concluding, planning, machine acquisition, cognition acquisition, combined programming jobs, perceptual experience jobs, pattern acknowledgment, logic scheduling, soft computer science, the direction of imprecise and unsure, unreal life, nervous webs, complex systems, familial algorithms the manner worlds think


Intelligent control, adept systems, robotics, linguistic communication and image apprehension, familial scheduling automaton mill

Security issues

Study of unreal intelligence is still present, but some bookmans believe that the computing machine to hold IQ is really unsafe, it may against humanity. The concealed dangers besides occurred in many movies.

About the automaton

The automaton is assembled with parts made of Lego! We can see the automaton with two motors to link the host to receiving and processing of operational information. Even with two front clang detector. When the joint activities to any one of the hit detector, the detector will direct a signal to the host! At this clip, the host will be set by the original method of good codification and issued a directing leting the automaton motors around obstructions. In fact, the method used in this automaton seems like ANN, nervous web

ANN, Neural web.

ANN algorithm is derived from the nervous system of life beings, in order to ease follow-up note, to everyone on a screenshot:

Figure 1

Harmonizing to the work of the nervous system of biological procedure, we can likely understand this map to show the undermentioned significances:

Figure 2

We can conceive of such a state of affairs: the cold winter, we reach out to the fire warming himself, and easy, you feel like traveling to kip, this clip, all of a sudden found himself stretched out the manus of the fire particular excessively hot hurting, and so instantly Will manus back out. This is the work of a nervous web illustration, the temperature of the fire generated oppositions Figure 2 is the input bed ( Input ) , while scaling back or non scaling back end product bed is shown in Figure 2 ( Output ) . But scaling back the temperature merely in the custodies merely occur up to a certain extent, for illustration 40 grades.

Represented in Figure 2, the state of affairs described above:

X1 = temperature of the fire generated for manus.

w1 = fire rivals the weight of the temperature generated ( generated for custodies for the fire to enlarge or cut down the temperature, we let the value of 1 )

Activation map ( Active Function ) = if x1 * w1 & gt ; 40 activation ( scaling back ) , or suppression ( non scaling back )

This is a single-input, and if there are multiple input, the end product is f ( x1 * w1 + x2 * w2 + x3 * w3… )

Where, degree Fahrenheit ( ten ) as activation map.

Below, we look at more input nervous web images:


x1= First input

End product

Activation map degree Fahrenheit ( ten )

x2= Second input


AND operation:

degree Fahrenheit ( x ) =

If ( x & gt ; = 2 ) return 1 ;

Else return 0 ;

Threshold is 2

We can utilize this construction to prove it is right:

X1 = 0, x2 = 0, x = x1 * w1 + x2 * w2 = 0 degree Fahrenheit ( x ) = 0 ; correct

X1 = 0, x2 = 1, x = x1 * w1 + x2 * w2 = 1 degree Fahrenheit ( x ) = 0 ; correct

X1 = 1, x2 = 0, x = x1 * w1 + x2 * w2 = 1 degree Fahrenheit ( x ) = 0 ; correct

X1 = 1, x2 = 1, x = x1 * w1 + x2 * w2 = 2 degree Fahrenheit ( x ) = 0 ; correct

OR Operation

degree Fahrenheit ( x ) =

If ( x & gt ; = 1 ) return 1 ;

Else return 0 ;

Threshold is 1

We can utilize this construction to prove it is right:

X1 = 0, x2 = 0, x = x1 * w1 + x2 * w2 = 0 degree Fahrenheit ( x ) = 0 ; correct

X1 = 0, x2 = 1, x = x1 * w1 + x2 * w2 = 1 degree Fahrenheit ( x ) = 1 ; correct

X1 = 1, x2 = 0, x = x1 * w1 + x2 * w2 = 1 degree Fahrenheit ( x ) = 1 ; correct

X1 = 1, x2 = 1, x = x1 * w1 + x2 * w2 = 2 degree Fahrenheit ( x ) = 1 ; correct

About the Code

I will demo one portion codification of this automaton. This portion is command the automaton when the detector is hitting the wall. Then it will halt one of the motor.








import josx.robotics. * ;

import josx.platform.rcx. * ;

public category HitWall implements Behavior


public boolean takeControl ( )


return Sensor.S2.readBooleanValue ( ) ;


public nothingness suppress ( )


Motor.A.stop ( ) ;

Motor.C.stop ( ) ;


public nothingness action ( )


Motor.A.backward ( ) ;

Motor.C.backward ( ) ;

seek { Thread.sleep ( 1000 ) ; } gimmick ( Exception e ) { }

Motor.A.stop ( ) ;

seek { Thread.sleep ( 300 ) ; } gimmick ( Exception e ) { }

Motor.C.stop ( ) ;



About the defects

Although this automaton can run swimmingly and to judge, but still has defects ca n’t be ignored. First, the automaton itself needs to be to the full complete entree to the perceived obstruction. If it can make a similar imitation of the sound waves to find the biological, may be able to work out this job. Second, the automaton is no logical manner of thought. This is of import, non logical thought, every clip when entree to the obstruction, the automaton will merely be set in conformity with the method is repeated each clip to judge! That is non logic, if the set is to find the left and the right after the justice. So following clip the automaton to judge merely by this method. It will increase the response clip. Third, the automaton itself does non hold memory map. This is a really of import faculty. Automatons have no memory characteristic, when faced with the same path when the last clip because there is no salvaging the best path, so the automaton encountered the same obstructions and the first clip was the same as when walking, continue to utilize the original method to find.