Artificial Lighting Light is one of the

Artificial Lighting

        Light is one of the major important
factors that give us the sensation to
see. To make the people be able to see, and not find anything with the
shinbone, the light should be required.
Light can be made with the help of many artificial ways made by the brains of
the super genius people.

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        There are many types of ways of making
light with the help of electricity. The ways of lighting up the settlement are
given below

Light Emitting Diodes

Compact Fluorescent Lamps


Light Emitting Diodes

        Light Emitting Diodes
(LEDs) are the lights that can consume less electricity
but can produce more light. The LEDs emit blue, and green light versus the
normal light which emits red light. These LEDs can be made synthetically with
the help of the industries and lab.

        The blue and green
light that is emitted by the LEDs will be used in the Agricultural Sector to
make the plants grow. Plants respond to the green and blue light more
effectively as these help in the photosynthesis. In the Rotatory Hydroponics,
the corn cob light will be used, so all the plants get enough ‘sunlight’ to
grow. These LEDs will also be used in both the Residential Sectors. These LEDs
will be color changing, so during the early
morning, it turns red, becomes orange slowly then turns yellow in
mid-day, then becomes darker up to the evening. During the night it resembles
the moon and stars.


Compact Fluorescent Lamps

        These Compact
Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) are now the most commonly
used sources of lighting. These CFLs use up to one-fifth to one-third of the electricity but lasts eight times longer than incandescent

        These CFLs will be used
in the Industrial Sector, so there will be less electricity used by lighting,
so there will be more electricity for the machinery. These CFLs will also be
used in the Residential Sector for the normal lights that will be in a house.


Impediments and Risks


        The tendency of most
organisms is to be far away from dangerous things. The organisms may have evolved, but the tendency stays the same. Now
carrying many people into space is dangerous, but risks have to be taken.

        There are many
impediments in space. Some of the ones that have been studied are the Van Allen
Radiation Belt, Space Debris, Static Electricity, Cosmic Radiation and Space
Fungus to name a few.

Van Allen Radiation Belt


        The Van Allen Radiation
Belt is a belt of charged particles that were trapped by the Magnetic Field of
the planet. Earth has two such belts, the inner and outer. The inner belt
consists mainly of energetic protons.