As was doing at the graveyard. Horatio

As we all know horatio is one of hamlet’s closest friends. Horatio and Hamlet go through a lot of problems together as friends. As Hamlet experience many problems Horatio continues to stay loyal to Hamlet. Other characters in Hamlet didn’t want to believe hamlet when he seen the ghost and the labeled him as sane and crazy while Horatio stayed true to him. Horatio was the only person who remained loyal to Hamlet while others slowly vanished. Horatio Vs Hamlet shows many acts of loyalty, faithfulness and secrets to each other due to the fact they are great friends.Horatio and Hamlet friendship is very strong as they struggle in the town of Denmark. While hamlet is slowly going sane and losing family, friends and the love of his life only one person remains to his side. Horatio shows an example of heavy loyalty to a friend ( brother ) someone he will die for. Although Hamlet was pretty rough throughout the book with all his problems, Horatio didn’t tell on him or speak badly on him. Hamlet tends to trust Horatio with many problems. Hamlet let’s Horatio know that he is the most trustworthy and honorable man he has ever met. ” Horatio, thou art e’en as just as a man As e’er my conversation coped withal” ( 3,2.56-57 ).Throughout the book Horatio shows acts of loyalty and faithfulness to Hamlet. When Hamlet is seeing ghost Horatio doesn’t think he is crazy he believes as well. Next when Hamlet speaks as though he wants to end it all and commit suicide Horatio talks him out of making a bad choice. Hamlet speaks to Horatio about not killing himself so he can live to tell the story. They show loyalty to each other for not allowing horrible actions to take place. Hamlet kept many secrets to himself like the killing of polonius, that’s why he hid the body. Ophelia keeps secrets from Hamlet about the spying and gold digging she is doing. Horatio doesn’t really understand what Hamlet was doing at the graveyard. Horatio didn’t find out into later on why Hamlet was sent to england. Hamlet had lots of secrets and Horatio knew majority and some he had to find out. Hamlet and Horatio friendship wasn’t horrible it was good.Hamlet and Horatio are great friends to each other due to the fact they encounter many problems. Hamlets acts if Horatio is his mind he keeps everything up to Him. After all Hamlet goes through with the ghost, marriage, deaths, and love Horatio is there to be strong for the both of them because they are family. When Hamlet is dien Horatio shows loyalty when he says he would kill himself because basically he needs Hamlet and Hamlet won’t let him. Horatio Vs Hamlet shows many acts of loyalty, faithfulness and secrets to each other due to the fact they are great friends.