Assessing Strengths And Weaknesses Of Vietnamese Spas Tourism Essay

Vinpearl Resort and Spa with 485 suites with beautiful architecture, the resort can fulfill the objects visitants by conveying them the comfort, privateness and convenience and perfect service. Natural beaches best 700m long Nha Trang, all right sand, bluish sea make visitants merely want to bask the moving ridges in the part. System of modern out-of-door swimming pool with an country of over 5700 m2 largest Southeast Asia, are arranged between coconut garden, lawn, garden trees. Servicess of wellness attention, beauty and watering place in amusement plans, athleticss travel combined for many ages. Restaurants diverseness here to fulfill all your culinary demands of your specific manner to the manner of Vietnam Asia, Europe. Guests will besides run into wellness and merriment shopping at Vinpearl Street shopping, diversion park, H2O park Vinpearl, Music Theater of battalions or research the beautiful ocean Water supply Vinpearl splendid. To run into the demand for MICE touristry every bit good as forming events, Vinpearl Land besides has a full conference room system, the centre of Event 1500-seat theatre and out-of-door undercover seating 5000. After we analysis of Vinpearland we drumhead strength and weaknessA :

Yasaka Saigon Resort Hotel & A ; Spa is located convenient to everything Nha Trang has to offer, and merely 35 kilometers ( 21 stat mis ) from Nha Trang airdrome. There are 201 suites in this resort, all equipped with modern equipment. All suites have Non Smoking Rooms, Air Conditioning, Desk, Hair Dryer, Internet Access ( radio ) , in room safe, Television, bathing tub and other comfortss. In add-on, hotels in Nha Trang besides has 24 hr room service, stores, lifts, coffeehouse, bars and eating houses wine. The hotel has installations for diversion and leisure available include massage, Jacuzzi, exercising equipment, steam bath, sweat room, tennis tribunal. Some drumhead strength and failing:

As you know Bai Dai in Cam Ranh town is the best known resort and town in Viet Nam, located half hours off from Nha Trang and about 12Km from Cam Ranh airdrome. As planned, the future country beaches will go a cardinal tourer country South of Khanh Hoa state with entire country of 200 hour angle will be usage. Here will organize the tourer countries 4, 5 star resort with the most beautiful in Asia.

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Bai Dai combines legion resorts and near the metropolis is considered a touristic topographic point, with this big rank of activities Nha Trang City is able to maintain everyone occupied. Furthermore Nha Trang City has many different classs of hotels and resort that is why the competition of the Long island resort in Bai Dai is big compared to other resort in Nha Trang.

The strengths of the Long island resort are the best architecture and a batch of installation are composed, convenient location as the resort is near to airdrome, seaboard and merely a short distance from the chief shopping centre, it ‘s one of the biggest resort in the town that have the most guest suites. Another manner the size of the suites and the comfort of the suites are another strengths that Long island resort has.

And another strength of the Long island resort is the monetary value of the suites that is truly low compared to the other hotels and resort at Nha Trang. For illustration at Vinpearl land resort the monetary value will be 200 Usd/nights, or Ana yasaka sai gon nha trang resort and spa the monetary value will be 150 Usd/per darks.

Main countries of resort will be unfastened 24 hours runing clip it can assist guest easy to happen information. The outside infinite layout and the High- quality gastronomy that all the F & A ; B sections have inside the resort, it offers a esteemed and pleasant terrace for all three repasts. Restaurants have flexible gap hours throughout the twenty-four hours supported by well-presented nutrient. It can increase quality services of resort. And besides staff of Long island is really enthusiastic and immature.

The failing of Long island resort will be non concentrate conference installations because we build our resort dressed ore watering place and heath. And another failing od our resort are repute and market portion compare with other resort, because our reort is new so we do n’t hold good repute and market portion. Last point failing of our resort are calculation non hight and low market portion because our are new resort so we will be non good for calculation and market portion is low.

Our oppurtunity of resort are: a batch of tour group during of the twelvemonth it mean in Vietnam as we know during of the twelvemonth we got a batch of tour group during season tourers from January to August particularly from June to August that is season we a have a batch of tourers from oversea and another ground will be about primary, high school, and university they finish survey to acquire free clip to loosen up after finish survey class they truly want to hold relax after finish survey in tired. Another oppurtunity will be concern traveler pass more clip and remain longer because as we know today Vietnam has a batch of investor to come to Vietnam for many ground for illustration they come to Vietnam for concern normaly if they stay long clip for working their parent will be traveling Vietnam to see or go. After working erstwhile investors concern feel so stress so they want to travel another topographic point to loosen up. So when they come to go usually they will be take a good topographic point to remain. So when we build our resort as we mention before strength of our resort are spa and wellness so that we can take care them experience more comfy and we besides can convey them more and more interested in our resort. Last point of our oppurtunity is local even, in Vietnam we have many even during the old ages for illustration: traditional happy new twelvemonth, international adult female, usually they will convey our parent, employee to travel to another topographic point for travel, so we choose this is the point when we do oppurtunity.


In our sum-up about menace can act upon to our resort, that are unpredictable market tendencies caused by natural catastrophes, it is non truly straight to come our location but as we know clime of Vietnam have many change particularly centre portion of Vietnam have some nature catastrophe so sometime it can act upon to our location because location of our resort about centre portion of Vietnam. Another ground of menace are all rivals have a stable market portion because our resort is new resort and another resort have really good repute because they alredy have a good market portion. Last point in our sum-up about menace is goverment policy and revenue enhancement because in Vietnam goverment will be command everything about policy and revenue enhancement, they give for us really high revenue enhancement, so erstwhile investors can frighten about policy of goverment, because when they investing at Vietnam it mean so long clip they can take back budget.