Based as cited in Thomason, 2011). It

Based on the outcome of this study, there was a significant difference between extrovert and introvert EFL teachers in managing their classrooms effectively.It was revealed that, extrovert teachers could manage their classes more effectively compared with the introvert teachers.

The significant difference between teachers’ effectiveness in managing classrooms with two different personality types and obtaining a higher mean score by extrovert teachersindicated that extrovert teachers can be more effective classroom mangers for adult learners. They are more successful in managing their classroom in comparison with introvert ones.

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The key element in classroom is a teacher who both teaches new subject matter and provides an atmosphere for students to bloom by his/her effective classroom management. Many factors affect teachers’ effective classroom management, one of them is teachers’ personality trait (Thomason, 2011). Teachers are both extrovert and introvert. However, teachers with higher level of extroversion are more effective (Rushton, Morgan & Richard, 2007, as cited in Thomason, 2011). It is because of the tendency that they have toward the social interaction, and that they interact well with their students (Thomason, 2011). It is proved that effective teachers have better organized classrooms and face less behavioral problem and intrusion (Yasar, 2008). Extrovert teachers usually apply student centered courses and classrooms. They prefer interactive discussion, group project, and experientiallearning. Extroverted teacher tended to employ the facilitatorteaching styles. The extroverted teacher often used guiding and directing the students by askingsome questions, building the personal relationship with the students, designing some activities toencourage the students to develop their confidences, and always involving the students inteaching learning activities. In this ways, the teacher was influenced by her personality as anextroverted teacher (Jensen, 1987, as cited in Ningrum, 2009).