Bend It Like Beckham Essay

From the opening scene of Bend it Like Beckham we the audience are introduced to the main characters, the storyline, the settings and themes of film through the use of some well-chosen film techniques that the director used. The main character Jesminder is portrayed to us as a tom boy through costuming we can see that she is deliberately dressed in boy clothes in particular a soccer Jersey and shorts. This is to communicate to us the audience that she loves soccer.

We also can see that she isn’t into girly things like weddings when she re-marks “I am sick of this wedding and it hasn’t even started” whilst looking at the poster of David Beckham in close up to dramatize the situation and emphasize her frustration. The storyline is about an Indian girl who loves soccer and dreams to play soccer, but we can see that there are oppositions interrupting her dream as a famous soccer player.

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We know that she is interrupted when her mother pops up in her daydream of commentators asking her mother how she feels about Jess becoming a professional soccer player by speaking in Indian and English she is complaining about Jesminder “running around showing her bare legs in front of 70 thousand people” from this, we can see that her mother objects her from playing soccer and will be a barrier for her in the future.

The setting of the story first starts with a high angled, extreme long shot of the soccer field with a large and loud crowd cheering and chanting followed by a voice over of commentators with an English accent talking about the soccer game. Then it cuts to a close up shot of David Beckham kicking the ball to Jess and Jess scores the winning goal. Afterwards it cuts to a TV studio with commentators, the commentators are discussing about the new star Jess.

Then it cuts to a shot of Jess’s mother and she is complaining and ranting about Jess playing soccer, at that instant she stares directly at the camera saying “Jesminder get home right now”. It then cuts into a long shot of Jess’s room with a poster of David Beckham on the wall and we see Jess watching TV and we realise that it was just a day dream. Ultimately her mother comes in shouting telling Jess to stop watching TV and go help her sister. The themes of the story are about clashing of cultures between the Indian culture and the English soccer culture.

An Indian girl is expected to be girly but Jess is not into girly stuff but she is more like a tomboy. This is shown when Jess’s mother asks Jess to stop watching soccer and help her sister with her wedding Jess responses with a re-mark “I’m sick of this wedding and it hasn’t even started”. Another theme in the film is following your dreams and goals when Jess is daydreaming about playing soccer alongside her hero David Beckham and scoring the winning goal and her mother pop-ups in her dream delivering a message angrily to Jess to stop playing soccer and come home.

This shows that her mother is blocking Jess from playing soccer and achieving her goal. In conclusion, the techniques in the film Bend it Like Beckham that the director used are well chosen to introduce the different themes, characters, setting and the storyline to the audience. The ideas in the film are well expressed through the techniques, such as voice overs that help us tell the feelings of the characters, and the costuming of the characters tell us about their culture, interests and goals.