Biotechnology few fungi are dangerous for human

is the use of living organism, system or process to develop a commercial
product or services. The use of science for public benefits is known as
biotechnology. Early biotechnology was based on the process known as
fermentation where microorganisms are used to make products which are
beneficial for human lives.

biotechnology gives advance technologies and the products to deal with the rare
diseases, overcome environmental stress, and remove hunger and much more.

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It includes many

Health biotechnology

Agriculture biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology

Fungal biotechnology

Marine biotechnology





Fungal biotechnology:

biotechnology is the branch of biotechnology which deals with the study of
fungi. Fungi are the class of microorganism that are used in the production of
an enzyme, vitamins, and polysaccharides and pigments etc. these products produce
commercially and in biotechnology these products are valuable. Secondary metabolites
of fungi play an important role in health, nutrition and have dreadful industrial


Fungi are used in

rDNA technology,
in which fungi act as a host and increase the value of microbial enzymes.

manipulation Etc.

current era fungal biotechnology is the important participant of global

Pathogenic fungi:

are everywhere in the world and in different fungal species some of them are
disease causing fungi. Mostly the fungi those are common in environment cause
sickness. Fungi are present in soil, on plants, trees, human skin etc. There
are many fungi those are beneficial for human beings, only few fungi are
dangerous for human health. Diseases caused by fungi include;


the people who have lung diseases and weak immunity usually suffered by this
disease which is caused by the fungus Aspergillus.

this disease is caused by the fungi which live in the moist soil know as fungus

this disease occurs in mouth, throat and bloodstream and caused by the yeast

Histoplasmosis: it is caused by the fungus histoplasma which live in the
environment which is associated with the large amount of birds or bat droppings