British Imperialism Essay

Analyze the ways in which British imperial policies between 1763 and 1776 intensified colonials’ opposition to British regulation and their committedness to republican values.

Colonial geographic expedition in the mid to late 1700s led to stressful times for some states. Great Britain was one of them. Their American settlements caused them much heartache as they tried to take over their society. The British imperial policies towards its settlements made opposition higher to British regulation and their committedness to republican values. The British imperial constabularies were excessively rigorous and caused troubles within American settlements.

The British caused more than adequate jobs with their settlements to get down a contention. They used mercantile system to seek and take lasting control over the settlements. The settlements were to merely purchase from the British and sell to the British. They besides wanted to modulate their imports and exports absolutely so they would import less than exporting to do them look like a high economically successful state. Which they were. but they fixed it to do them look like the world power of Europe. Another thought they imposed onto the Americans was the awful Stamp Act. The settlements didn’t take the act good. They were forced to utilize casts on every piece of paper they would utilize. They besides had to purchase these casts from the British merely. The revenue enhancements were steep and on unneeded points to the cognition of the settlements. The colonials knew that these Acts of the Apostless were unjust and cruel. They didn’t cognize how to manage it at the clip. Another act that was out of line was the Townshend tea revenue enhancement. The settlements became addicted to tea due to the caffeine. It was extremely valuable to them. The British so put a ball amount revenue enhancement on the tea that was being imported to the Americas. The settlements didn’t understand why the British needed so much money. The British so went over the line with the Boston Port Act. This act fundamentally took away all of the colonials’ rights. The settlers called the act. the Intolerable Act. because the British went excessively far. To exceed off the colonial choler. the British enforced a new act called the Quartering Act. The act stated that any colonial was to take in British soldiers into their house. feed them and give them billeting. However. the settlements so began to revenge against the British.

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The settlements knew the British had gone excessively far. The first act they took was known as the Boston Tea Party. On December 16. 1773. Bostonians dressed up as Indians and boarded docked ships. smashed up 342 instances of tea and dumped it all into the Atlantic Ocean. The British so put the Intolerable Act on the settlers. That merely gave them another ground to contend back. The integrity of the settlers eventually formed after the Intolerable Act. Flags were flew half-mast throughout all the settlements and nutrient was sent to Boston all the manner from South Carolina. The settlements so formed the Continental Congress. unifying all but Georgia take parting. Fifty-five delegates were represented in the meeting to speak about what they had to make. The First Continental Congress met for seven hebdomads where they produced the Declaration of Rights. Parliament rejected all requests made by the Congress. The British didn’t want this to travel on any longer. They sent military personnels into Lexington and Concord where the terrorized the American defence. which was weak and unorganised. The British started a war. The people that were back in Great Britain were rooting for the Americans to derive independency so possibly the British would so recognize what they were making to their ain state. The British ruined their settlements and themselves besides.

The settlements eventually were able to interrupt the seal to the route to independency. They knew that the British weren’t running their state really good. They wanted alteration and unheard of things to go on. The events that happened during the imperial policies of the British turned into a revolution. where the Americans finally gained their freedom. The British were eventually defeated for the first clip. If the British ne’er were so rough to the settlements. the settlements wouldn’t of all time have a ground to be immune to British regulation and there would be no independency. Colonialism was a nerve-racking clip so. but a immense grade on history.