CBD oil. It’s also completely legal in

CBD comes from cannabis and is extracted, concentrated, and added to creams for all-natural benefits in the form of a topical product. The CBD concentrate is extracted using CO2 extraction, which is known for being the cleanest form, which means no leftover solvents will be found in the final product.  Most CBD lotions will also contain essential oils to enhance the medical benefits even further. Long story short, CBD cream is an all-natural organic lotion that’s infused with CBD oil. It’s also completely legal in all 50 states.Will It Cause a “High”?This is one of the most common questions regarding CBD topicals. The answer is no. Since it’s topical, none of the product is absorbed into your bloodstream. It doesn’t travel through your digestive system to begin working, its applied straight to the source to provide instant relief. It’s very similar to THC (extract in cannabis that produces a “high”) found in cannabis, however, it’s non-psychoactive. Doctor’s love this because it provides you with all of the great benefits of cannabis without causing a “high” or altered state of mind. Rest assured, it would never show up on a drug test.All-Natural, Quick Benefits:Anti AgingWho doesn’t want youthful, healthy looking skin for years to come? CBD lotions are a great product to add to your beauty arsenal.Antioxidants are an amazing tool for slowing down the aging process, and cannabis is loaded with antioxidants. One study even found that CBD contains more antioxidants than Vitamins C or E.Prevents tissue damageSpeeds healing processYouthful and healthier skin Moisturizing (perfect for all skin types)Cures AcneAcne sufferers will love this benefit. Acne is embarrassing, obnoxious, painful, and can be a neverending cycle for many people around the world. If you haven’t had any luck with any other cream, CBD cream may be your ultimate cure.Helps regulate immune responses which leads to a decrease in inflammation, helping to reduce the visual appearance and prominence of blemishes.Reduces oil production thanks to linoleic acid found in CBD oil. By regulating the production of oil on your face, your less likely to have breakouts.Great moisturizer.Use as a spot pimple treatment or all over to target blemishes.Perfect for everyday prevention & treatment use.Scientific evidence of CBD and curing acne have been proven. The study proves that CBD slows down the abnormal lipidic production under the skin, suppresses cell proliferation, and prevents “pro-acne” to elevate cytokine levels which causes inflammation. Anyone at the end of the rope suffering from acne should give CBD lotions a try, it just might change their life.Provides Pain ReliefBack pain. Knee pain. Neck pain. Sitting at a desk or in a driver’s seat all day is part of our daily lives. Along with this day-to-day grind comes inflammation and pain. Lower back pain is very common and can alter your life in many negative ways. Well, CBD cream is here to save the day.It’s your turn to fight back.Great for treating pain in a specific area of the body.Fast-acting for instant relief (Cannabinoids bind with CB2 receptors in your skin).Anti-inflammatory propertiesZero negative side effectsReduces InflammationInflammation is the body’s normal response to repair cells, due to an injury, infection, or allergic reaction. Symptoms typically include redness, swelling, and pain. CBD cream can help alleviate these symptoms, and the inflammation will reduce as the body begins to heal.Scientific explanation of how CBD creams treat inflammation:The cream penetrates the skin on a cellular level. By penetrating the C2 receptor which is in the cell’s nucleus, they send a message to the DNA. This message produces a protein which turns off the production of arachidonic acid. After this is completed, inflammation begins to reduce.Alleviates PsoriasisPsoriasis sufferers know the pain all too well. This condition causes itchy, painful, red patches on the skin due to an excess buildup of skin cells. Normal skin cells replace themselves every 30 days, but those suffering from psoriasis replaces skin cells every 3-5 days. Ouch. It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable. There’s also no cure for this condition.CBD salve offers hope for those who are suffering. It’s proven to be quite the powerful treatment option. One of the main reasons is that CBD oil has shown to inhibit the buildup of dead skin cells, the exact cause of psoriasis.Reduces inflammationSlows down skin cell growthMajority of users experience decrease itchiness/inflammation, some psoriasis even vanishedEffective treatment for skin diseasesSoothes the skinHeals BurnsChances are sometime in your life you’ve experienced a sunburn. Whether you enjoyed a long day at the beach or swiped your arm on a hot stove while cooking a delicious dinner. Burns are some of the most painful injuries you can have. They take weeks or even months to heal depending on the severity.Did you know the source of pain for burns is caused by inflammation?CBD lotions help soothe your burn, decreasing inflammation and reducing pain at the same time. It will also help your skin heal much faster. Next time you find yourself with a painful (minor) burn, reach for CBD cream.Fights Skin InfectionsAnother great feature of CBD cream is that they contain anti-bacterial properties.These are great for fighting cellulitis, boils, folliculitis, and many more skin infections. They provide quick relief without the growing problem of becoming antibiotic resistance in the future.Researchers have claimed cannabis to be the “antibiotic of the future”.Powerful antibioticFights off skin infections effectivelyAll-natural