Chapter employees. according to UTE the HR

Chapter 03: Roles and Responsibilities

are lot of people in the organization who participate to ensure the success of
the induction program; there are some main roles and responsibilities performed
by different individuals when it comes to the induction program for new

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to UTE the HR manager will take most of the responsibilities of the induction
program but there are certain responsibilities which needs to be performed by each
of the departments.

Schedule of Roles and



and Roles


Responsible with
designing and updating the induction program by giving advice to all the
other individuals who are involved with the induction process.
coordinating and supervising the induction program while evaluating and making

Senior Management

Describing about
the organizations core values, vision and objectives of UTE.
Giving a good impression
to the new employees by participating in the induction program, and let them
feel that they are important for UTE.


Giving the
necessary support and information to new employees to make sure the involvement
in the work environment in order to gain the expected results.

New employee

• Takes part in
the induction program
showing their commitment.


Chapter 04: Conclusion and Recommendations

program represent the most initial connection which a company has with their
new starters. This is the most suitable time to show them what your company
stands for and how you like to do business.

to researches companies fail to impress new employees at the induction program
will lose 25% of new starters deciding to leave after 3 months because of a
poor induction process. So the companies should understand that first
impressions are very important.

starting the induction program it’s important that the organization have clear
HR policies and manuals that are up to standard.

enhance the power of induction training these points are recommended.

It’s better to avoid text based training. The
researchers have identified that 83% of human learning occurs visually

Always try to use positive language. Need to
tell people what they can do rather than what they can’t.

Involvement of senior management is very
important. They also need to involve with induction training as a way of welcoming
new starters.

Need to communicate organizational core

Induction training must be
structured.  This ensures consistent,
standardized training throughout the company. 
Only if you have standardized training can you have a buddy system.  Otherwise, workers teach new starters bad
habits and wildly different standards of training.