Characteristics Of Becker Essay Research Paper The

Features Of Becker Essay, Research Paper

The character of Becker in the movie & # 8220 ; M & # 8221 ; had many childly qualities, which drew in his victims. These qualities that Becker possessed, he exploited to his ain addition. The kids instantly gave him their trust because of his ability to associate to them, and he knew that. But I truly wear & # 8217 ; t believe this was truly an alter self-importance, because he seemed to hold these traits all the clip. Inside he was truly a ill adult male, to kill at that place has to be something incorrect with him, epically to kill little kids, and moreover small misss.

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Becker knew how to dram them in. He bought them balloons, and whistled. He bought them fruit, and confect, and openly ate on the street with them. Something that was, & # 8220 ; against the norm & # 8221 ; , for adults to make. He chatted them up, and they even felt comfy plenty to name him uncle. Becker when confronted reverted back to childhood, moving like he didn & # 8217 ; t cognize right from incorrect. The manner he explained it he was like a child in a confect shop, the misss were alluring him, and the lone thing he could make was snap them up. They preserved his young person.

This International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t an uncommon thing to make. Epically with mass slayings, they have to do their victims feel comfy plenty to travel with them. In the instance of John Wayne Gasey, he preformed as a buffoon and acted like a absolutely nice gentleman when enticing his victims. Peoples trusted them, particularly their victims, or they ne’er would hold been killed I

n the first topographic point.

The component of trust and relating with the quarry is seemingly important in garnering up victims. In the instance of Hiltler, he had the whole of Germany under his enchantment, and that is how no 1 questioned his tactics. He was a really forceful talker and people trusted him, and they believed in his thoughts for a Utopia. If no 1 trusted his, the war wouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have been as devastating and the Jews would hold left Germany far before they were of all time marked as outcast.

Becker had to be trusted or his gambits would hold ne’er been carried out. He had to be crafty in his mode and nice plenty to maintain the kids calm. So cipher would surmise what his motivations were. This is historically how these people operate.

The component of trust is improbably of import in life and epically in these people & # 8217 ; s lives, they can & # 8217 ; t run without it. Becker would ne’er be able to win over the misss, Dahmer and Gasey would ne’er be able to court the immature work forces back to their flats. Hitler would ne’er hold managed World War II without trust.

But human existences want to be swearing, because that means security, love, and friendly relationship. This is a human failing desiring to hold people in their lives they can swear, because most people do non prefer to be entirely. So when a adult male or a adult female comes up to them, offering them the universe on a Ag platter, they want to believe that is what they are acquiring. Which in these instances turns out to be a awful antonym.