Child Beauty Pageants Sample Essay

Low self-pride is a large job in today’s society. Beauty pageants don’t aid. Girls with “perfect bodies” tittuping about in lean swim suits with their dentitions whitened and every piece of hair stiff from all the hairspray. Before it was merely adult adult females but today we face a whole new type of beauty pageants. Now alternatively of 21 twelvemonth olds there are yearlings and tweens. These pageants sometimes cause parents to mistreat their kids without cognizing it. Children are taught that some childs are better than others and other bad life lessons. The pageants make or interrupt kids. They either end up as snobby and narcissistic or with low assurance because they lost the pageant to a miss that didn’t have the most expensive frock or a celebrated mold manager.

My first ground is that the parents sometimes abuse their kids without cognizing it. A small miss shouting. imploring her female parent non to ‘tear it off’ as she’s held down in a chair for a brow-waxing is non merely insensitive on the mother’s portion – it’s abusive. Puting your four twelvemonth old kid through hours of hair-dying. waxing. utmost dieting. tanning. and who knows what else so she can look like Madonna is child disregard. I don’t see a difference between repeatedly rending your kid’s hair out in the name of beauty and repeatedly hitting your kid in the name of authorization.

My 2nd ground is that childs are taught unhealthy life lessons like that dignity is in physical beauty merely. These lessons can alter childs for the worse. If you were taught that if you weren’t beautiful you would ne’er be a victor. how do you believe you would move? Would you be a nice child that accepted everyone. a good function theoretical account for all. or would you be a snobby child that merely talked to people that were “cool” ? Most of the pageant moms don’t take losing good. Alternatively of holding good sportsmanship they blame everyone else if their child doesn’t win. Childs are like sponges. They are traveling to see their parents act this manner and so they’ll think that it’s O.K. to move that manner.

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My 3rd and concluding ground is that these pageants can do or interrupt a kid. What will go on to the child. regardless of whether they win or lose. is unpredictable! If they win they might non alter. They could stay sweet small kids. Or they could stop up as snobby and rude small monsters. On the other manus. if they lose they might be all right. They could merely travel on with their lives and seek to win the following pageant. but the loss might take a large ball out of their assurance. The parents shouting at their child doesn’t aid. The child could stop up with really low self-pride.

I think child beauty pageants are a bad thought. Childs may be abused by their parents. without the parents cognizing they’re making anything incorrect. The childs are taught unhealthy life lessons and the pageants can do or interrupt a kid. There may be pros to child pageants but the cons outnumber them. Child beauty pageants should be outlawed.