Christian Apologetics Essay Research Paper Religion is

Christian Apologetics Essay, Research Paper

Religion is a difficult footing for some people to speak about. For me, rather simple, I merely tell people about my Lord God. Some people argue that is an hideous thought but no more hideous than any other faith. In C hristianity, you have to pass on and laud the Lord whereas in other faiths, you merely merely mention to the & # 8220 ; instructions & # 8221 ; . Many that do non believe in Christianity usage pride, moral jobs, and ignorance as alibis. The foundation of everything that I believe in is found in the Bible. Since I have lived my life through the Lord and the things he wants me to make, I have lived a more productive life. Before I moved to Charlotte, I didn t even cognize who God was. When I was about 12 old ages old, my best friend made me travel to church with her. All through church, I didn t listen and I goofed away, two yearss subsequently something was trouble oneselfing me about how I had acted in church so I called my friend and told her that I wanted to travel to church with her following clip she went. From so on out, I began to larn about my Lord and how much he loves me. I began to read the Bible and about where and what the Christian faith is based on. Although the Bible is a aggregation of 66 books, written by 40 or more writers over a 2,000 twelvemonth period, it is clearly one Book, with perfect integrity and consistence throughout. The Bible is 98.5 % textually pure. This means throughout all the copying of the Biblical manuscripts of the full Bible, merely 1.5 % has any inquiry about it. Nothing in all of the ancient Hagiographas of the full universe even approaches the truth of transmittal found in scriptural paperss. The 1.5 % that is claimed questionable does non impact the philosophy. The countries of involvement are called discrepancies and they consist chiefly of discrepancies in spellings or word ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . It is such a alone book because of it s continuity, circulation, and it s endurance. Bringing up a good point would be, if the Bible is non such a dependable book, where have all the errors been proven? They haven Ts because no existent error has yet been discovered in the Bible, scientific discipline, history or any other topic. The following spiritual book that has a great figure of lasting manuscripts is Homer s Iliad which has 643. Yet and still, the Bible has 24,633 lasting manuscripts. It is incredible that one book can be survived over such a clip period, traveling through interlingual renditions and still hold no incompatibilities. ( The Singularity of the Bible, McDowell ) If one will earnestly look into these Biblical groundss that the Bible claims, & # 8220 ; He will happen their claims of Godhead inspiration which is stated over 3,000 times in assorted different ways in the Bible. & # 8221 ; ( hypertext transfer protocol: :// ) For illustration, Daniel the prophesier predicted in Daniel 9:24-27 that in 538 BC, Christ would come as Israel s promised Savior and Prince 483 old ages after the Iranian emperor would give the Jews authorization to reconstruct Jerusalem. Hundreds of old ages subsequently, what happened? Because of such things, and the simple ground that the Bible provinces it, I believe that the Bible is the divine word of God. You think may believe I m brainsick for holding faith in a book that was written by more than 40 writers but God had to be composing the Bible through them because each writer wrote from a different cultural background, with a different manner and a broad scope of controversial subjects. The Bible was written in three different linguistic communications: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek and in three different continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. ( Uniqueness of Bible, McDowell ) . The Bible is non at all irrelevant for today s civilization either. Of class the universe has changed since it was written but the message of the Bible remains the same. ( Uniqueness, McDowell ) As I said earlier, scientific discipline nor history has been able to confute the dependability of the Bible. Now I know that the Bible is non a book about scientific discipline but when it does talk about it, it is decidedly accurate. Although the scientific method is undependable in turn outing historical events because they are controlled and clip can non be a factor. Archeology is the best scientific method in rolling Biblical facts. Think about the spherical form of the Earth, in Isaiah 40:22 it states, & # 8220 ; He sits enthroned above the circle of the Earth, and it s people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the celestial spheres like a canopy, and distribute them out like a collapsible shelter to populate in. & # 8221 ; For an account of the Earth being suspended in nil read Job 26:7. The best manner to turn out an historical event is by the Evidential method. When you were a small child did you of all time seek to number all the stars in the sky? I did and I m certain you did excessively but I could ne’er rather acquire them all counted. Upon reading the Bible, I came across Genesis 15:5 that provinces that the stars are countless. & # 8220 ; He took him outside and said, Look up at the celestial spheres and number the stars if so you can number them. & # 8221 ; Then he said to him, & # 8220 ; So shall your offspring be. & # 8221 ; Scientists are all the clip seeking to confute the Biblical theories but no find has of all time disproved a theory. Certain Biblical transitions have even been proven and supplied us with valuable information about the civilization and traditions of people all around the universe. Good illustration of this would be the 20,000 tablets that were found at Ebla dating back from the 3rd millenary. These tablets prove the being of the the Hittites which were a group of people that no one knew existed. Again, when the Dead Sea coils and the Masoretic ( an Old Testament, manuscript ) were discovered some 100s and 100s of old ages subsequently in Qumran, a set of manuscripts were discovered. They have been named the Dead Sea Scrolls and have served as the footing of the earliest known transcript of Isaiah and most Old Testament books. These finds would give us an indicant of truth. In the two text there was merely the difference of 10s misspelled words ( I Know Why You Believe, Paul Little ) . That is unreal but one time once more it merely shows the dependability from over the old ages. There are many other finds that prove that Biblical events are non merely dependable but accurate in the same manus. What about all the informants and Apostles that gave that testify as they wrote the Gospel histories of Jesus, they wrote it decently? Most of the great plants have resistances. Peoples non of the Christian faith have ever hated the Bible. Some have ne’er even read it. Everybody wanted to be a portion of the death. But no affair how closely they watched, and tried to confute theories, no informant histories have been found stating that the Bible is undependable or false ( The Reliability of the Scripture, McDowell ) . No individual has even been able to compose any book or anything about the contradictions of the Bible because there is ever person or some Bible that can turn out them incorrect. Some say that they would believe in the Bible if we lived many coevalss ago and we based our lives upon an original transcript of the Bible but today, they say that the rewritten versions are even more accurate. Jesus made certain that the many precautions they took in rewriting it, would go on it s endurance and truth. Each clip it was recopied, a certain ink formula had to be used and recorded, between each missive, there had to be a breath of hair but they could non touch the line or another missive. The Scribes could non touch the Bible with their custodies, they had to utilize something to turn the pages. They were merely allowed three correctable errors and on the 4th, the Bible had to be discarded and they had to get down all over. If they made one error that was uncontrollable, they had to throw it out and get down all over excessively. It had a specific figure of columns that it had to be, and they had to copy it missive by missive. No memorisation was used ( Reliability, McDowell ) . I believe that the Bible is without a uncertainty the word of God which makes it perfect and dependable. Every book is in understanding with the other and it still has yet to be proven that there is an incompatibility in the book. With such being passed through clip, interlingual rendition, and today s civilization and the consistence and inaccuracies are still being believed by so many, evidently something in the Bible or person up in Heaven is stating the people what is right. If there are parts of the Bible that you still do non understand or misinterpret, it is non the Bible that is incorrect, you merely wear t understand the complete and thorough word of God. God is the lone Supreme Being. He is Holy ( Revelations 4:8 ) , Eternal ( Isaiah 57:15 ) , Omnipotent ( Jeremiah 32:17,27 ) , Omnipresent ( Psalm 139:7-12 ) , and Omniscient ( 1 John 7:11 ) , Love ( 1 John 4:8,16 ) , Light ( 1John 1:5 ) , Spirit ( John 4:240, Truth ( Psalm 117:2 ) , and Creator ( Isaiah 40:12,22,26 ) ( McDowell ) . God is a Three. One God who exists at the same time in three individuals. Each is coequal, copowerful, and coeternl with the other. Each, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is non the other. Without either there is no God ; all via media to the one God, our God ( Know Why You Believe, Paul E. Little, pg.63 ) . The thought that there is merely one God, who created all things, is repeatedly emphasized in such Bibles as Isaiah 45:18. God is a Tri-unity, with each Person of the Godhead every bit and to the full and everlastingly God. The Father is the unobserved, ubiquitous Beginning of all being, revealed in and by the Son, experienced in and by the Holy Spirit. & # 8220 ; The Father is the Thought behind it, the Son is the Word naming it forth, and the Spirit is the Deed doing it a world ( christiananswers ) & # 8221 ; God is alone from all other Gods we have of all time known approximately because he is three Supreme beings in one. If all Gods were the same, where is their instructions, where are their words, where is their cogent evidence? Although it is non possible to turn out God in the scientific sense of the word, it can be said with equal accent that one can t turn out Napolean either. God loves all and the cogent evidence of that is him giving his lone boy Jesus Christ to decease for our wickednesss. There is no mensurable sum of love that God has for us because you can non mensurate out love but God loves you more than anybody else in this universe. If God did non love us so much, he would non hold sent his boy to endure and take our wickednesss off. By and large when something doesn T go person s manner, they have to happen person to fault it on. Many who go through agony and hurting in their lives, blame it on God. We must non bury though, that when God created adult male, he created him hone but capable of doing his ain determinations. Man was non created immorality but yet, he still had the ability to obey or disobey God. Had Adam and Eve obeyed God in the first book of the Bible ( Genesis ) , there ne’er would hold been a job. Man would hold lived an ageless live with God and been able to bask him and all that he created for adult male. The thing that we must retrieve today is that God is non responsible for wickedness, adult male is. & # 8220 ; Therefore as wickedness came into the universe through one adult male and decease through wickedness, and so decease spread to all work forces because all work forces sinned. & # 8221 ; ( Romans 5:12 ) The most of import thing that I have learned through life my life through God is that he has done something about agony and immorality. He has done the most dearly-won thing in his life by giving his Son, Jesus Christ, to decease for evil work forces. It is possible for adult male to get away God s inevitable judgement on wickedness and immorality ( Why Believe, pg. 80-81 ) God s goodness consist non merely in his justness, but besides in his love, clemency, and kindness. Man should thank God that he does non take each adult male aside and personally penalize him for his wickedness. God created us so he knows that there are traits that lie deep within our character that show through merely during enduring. To screen us from this agony would be robbing us from our fulfilment of life. Is it non true that in Christianity we hold a sense that agony is punishment from God? Why do we make that? The first thing people say when something in their live goes incorrect is & # 8220 ; why do I merit this, what have I done? & # 8221 ; To be certain, God is non the all-American, beard stroking gramps that everyone portrays him to be. He is more of a ambitious type of cat. Since God is all powering, people wonder why evil exist. Obviously they don Ts know why immorality is. Evil is that which is against God. It is anything morally bad or incorrect. It is deleterious, perverse and wicked. Second of all, if we want God to halt immorality, do we desire him to halt all of it? Evil is in this universe partially because we give it it s topographic point and finally because God permits it and keeps it under his control. God punished Miriam with leprosy to dispute her authorization with Moses, her brother, whom God had appointed a leader. He took David s kid, Born of an extramarital relationship ( hypertext transfer protocol: // # _1_31 ) . Peoples wonder why God doesn T merely do us hone but he already tried that. He created adult male perfect, Adam, and he sinned, he created adult female perfect, Eve, and she sinned. He created a perfect angel, Satan, but excessively sinned. God knows what he is making whether we know or non. If we trust in him and allow him make up one’s mind the destiny of our lives, we will populate comfortable. One of the most profound truths of the Scripture is that God s judgement is proceeded by warning. God does non happen pleasance in doing adult male that he created suffer. For he states in Ezekial 33:11 & # 8220 ; I have no pleasance in the decease of the wicked bend back, turn back from your evil ways ; for why will you decease, O house of Israel? & # 8221 ; God is greater than that of adult male because he is the Godhead of adult male. There is the jurisprudence of cause and consequence. Nothing can be produced without a cause and the production of adult male is an causeless cause called God. ( Why Believe, pg.9 ) God is autonomous. He has the right to make as he wishes. He has the right to allow immorality for carry throughing He finally will. It would be rather easy. Look at the cross, it was by evil agencies that work forces lied and crucified J

esus. Yet, Jesus took our wickednesss and held them inside of his organic structure for us. It is because of the cross that our wickednesss can be forgiven. The bottom line is that God is so great that nil happens without His permission, His ultimate programs for us and our existence. In his programs for us, he intends to utilize good for what adult male thinks is evil.

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The Holy Spirit is the 3rd individual in the Three. He is to the full God. He is ageless, all-knowing, omnipresent, has a will, and can talk. He is alive. He is a individual. He is non nevertheless peculiarly seeable in the Bible because His ministry of Jesus as stated in John 15:26. The Holy Spirit can be compared to electricity, a force that can be adapted to execute a great assortment of operations. God uses his Holy Spirit to edify those who serve him. God spirit can provide & # 8220 ; power beyond what is normal & # 8221 ; to those who serve him ( ) . By his spirit, God carries out his judgement on work forces and states and His spirit can make everyplace, moving for people or against them. The Bible says that when Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit came down upon him looking like a dove, non like a human signifier ( Mark 1:10 ) . This active force of God enabled Jesus to mend the sick, make the blind see and raise the dead. Although the spirit came down on Jesus in the signifier of a dove and non a human, the Bible refers to the Holy Spirit in personal footings as good. In the Scriptures nevertheless it is non unusual for something to be personified. Wisdom is said to hold kids in Luke 7:35. Sin and Death are called male monarchs in Romans 5:14 and 21. Similarly in 1 John 5:6-8, non merely the spirit but besides & # 8220 ; blood and H2O & # 8221 ; are said to be & # 8220 ; witnesses. & # 8221 ; But H2O and blood are evidently non individuals, and neither is the holy spirit a individual. I believe that the Holy Spirit is a spirit but it speaks through worlds and angels. The action of the Holy Spirit transmits messages to people far off from each other through things like wireless and telecasting moving ridges. Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit as a & # 8220 ; assistant, & # 8221 ; and he said it would learn, steer, and speak. When Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit in John 12:16,26 ; 16:13, the Grecian word that he used for assistant was parakletos which is in the masculine signifier. However, when Jesus referred to what the assistant would make, he used masculine pronouns. The Holy Spirit is non a individual but it is a portion of God. The holy Spirit is God s active force that he uses to carry through his will. It is a portion of God and is ever at his temperament. The Holy Spirit will come in into a individual s life after they have been saved. After they agree to accept Christ into their lives and love and acknowledge him. The Holy Spirit will remain with that individual for the remainder of their life and it will assist them to do the right determinations and will assist their judgement of things. I believe that a individual can be filled with the Holy Spirit but I don t think a individual can be & # 8220 ; empty & # 8221 ; of the Holy Spirit. I don t think God would let person to populate a life of pure humanity. Jesus Christ is God in flesh. & # 8220 ; This is how you can acknowledge the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does non admit Jesus is non from God. This is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard is coming even now is already in the world. & # 8221 ; ( 1 John 4:2,3 ) Jesus said that if you do non believe that & # 8220 ; I am & # 8221 ; you will decease in your wickednesss. Besides being God in flesh, Jesus is the proper object of religion. It is non plenty to hold religion because religion is merely every bit valid as what is put into it. Jesus loves every individual individual that God has put on this Earth, for if he didn T he would non hold died for us. John 3:16 & # 8220 ; For God so loved the universe that He gave His lone begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should non die but have everlasting life. & # 8221 ; Many say that the lone ground he died for our wickednesss was because God, his Father made him. Children disobey their parents all the clip and Jesus had a pick whether he wanted to decease for us. If we say Jesus is non the Truth, we are automatically confirming that he is either a prevaricator, a moonstruck or a fable. Jesus clearly claimed properties that merely God has, he has immutableness, omnipotence, omniscience and more. When a paralytic was let down through a roof and placed at his pess, he said & # 8220 ; My boy, your wickednesss are forgiven. & # 8221 ; ( Why Believe, pg.16 ) . If Jesus was non truly the boy of God and he was a prevaricator or a moonstruck, he would non holding given the most valuable gift he had to us his life. If Jesus wasn t person of higher power, explicate how he gave his life for our wickednesss and so rose from the dead. The babe Jesus and his parents lived in Nazareth, where he was an unusual kid for by the age of 12, he confounded the bookmans and rabbis in Jerusalem. Until he was thirty, he lived in limbo until he began his ain ministry. He began to mention to himself as a singular instructor or prophesier. He began to state that he was clearly divinity. He made who he was the focal point of his instruction point. Anyone can prophesy to people and do themselves look as though they are God but can they mend the sick, make the blind see, and come back from the dead? Many who are non Christians claimed that Jesus did non talk the truth. Talk is inexpensive. Anyone can state that they are God but the inquiry is do they hold the certificates to turn out it. Can they mend people, would they give their kids for other s interest, do they have the plants to turn out it? Jesus Christ was impeccant. We may read the enticements of Jesus but one has ne’er heard the wickednesss of him. His properties would non let him to transgress. His basic nature ne’er alterations ( Hebrew 1:12,13:8 ) . He was holy in infinity yesteryear, and would stay holy now. This was his immutableness. Falling to enticement shows moral failing and deficiency of power and ability. Jesus Christ had infinite power and was hence, non susceptible to transgress. Satan tempts us by trying to lead on us merely as he did God. Jesus had infinite cognition and could non be deceived ( christiananswers ) 1 Peter 2:22, & # 8220 ; He committed no wickedness ; no craft was found on his lips, in him there is no sin. & # 8221 ; Jesus Christ, the boy of God demonstrated a power over natural forces which could merely belong to God. He stilled a ramping storm of air current and moving ridges on the Sea of Galilee in Mark 4:41. He turned H2O into vino, fed 5,000 people from five loaves of staff of life and two fish, and gave a grieving widow back her lone boy by raising him from the dead. The divinity of Jesus claim was his Resurrection from the dead. Five times in the class of his life, he predicted he would decease. He besides predicted how he would decease and that three yearss subsequently he would raise from the dead. Jesus proclaimed himself to the people of his clip. He spoke with authorization like no other had done. When spoken to by Peter and called down as the boy of God, he did non the deny the fact. When the Jews wanted to lapidate him for naming himself the boy of God, he said, & # 8220 ; I and the Father are one. & # 8221 ; John 10:30-33 refers to how the Jews thought that Jesus Christ was comparing himself with God and they did non understand why, even though he had proved himself already. If you died tomorrow, could you lift from the dead with no aid from God? The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most powerful mark of all that he is who he claims to be. Facts have been proven about the decease of Jesus. Jesus really died due to the asperities of the crucifixion, He was buried. After he was buried, his adherents lost hope, until Jesus grave was discovered empty a few yearss subsequently. Then and merely so did the adherents believe that this existent experience of Jesus lifting from the dead. The adherents became proclaimers to his decease and Resurrection and all were willing to decease for this belief. Would you decease for something that you believed in if you didn t truly believe it? The Resurrection was proclaimed in Jerusalem where the empty grave was found. Many were converted due to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, even James, His brother ( Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? , Gary Habermas, pg.23 ) Is it non about impossible for Jesus to hold gone through such a crucifixion to merely acquire up and walk out of his grave? The Roman soldiers clearly proved that Jesus was dead when they poured a mixture of his blood and H2O out of a lesion that they made. Jesus suffered on the cross, and the Apostle explains the agony in Romans 3:25. Christ s decease was non optional, for it was cardinal to God s program of redemption. Two things happen when we sin ; one to God and one to ourselves. When we sin, God is offended for he gave his lone Son to unclutter you of your wickednesss. We are interrupting God s Law. Besides, when we sin, we are killed. We will non drop dead right on the topographic point, for we will endure a far more terrible decease, & # 8220 ; ageless separation from God. & # 8221 ; ( Isaiah 59:2 ) God hates wickednesss and wickedness must be punished. Because of our wickednesss, God had to give his lone Son to decease for our wickednesss, there was no other manner. Man is non merely the Crown of creative activity but he is besides the object of God s particular attention. Man was originally made pure, without wickedness. & # 8220 ; Then God said, Let us do adult male in our image, in our similitude, and allow them govern over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the farm animal, over all the Earth, and over all the animals that move along the land. So God created adult male in his ain image of God he created him ; male and female he created them. & # 8221 ; ( Genesis 1:26-27 ) Man is divided into three parts, Body, Soul and Spirit merely as God. The beginning of the psyche does non come straight from the Bible but instead from the history of it. Man was created in the image of God. Man has moral and rational abilities similar to God though non as perfect and huge. & # 8220 ; God said, Let us do adult male in our image, in our similitude & # 8221 ; ( Genesis 1:26 ) God created all to be born without wickedness merely as Adam and Eve but because of the wickedness that they committed, all work forces now sin. God created them with his Law written on their Black Marias and until Satan came to lead on them, they were pure. Adam and Eve are to fault for adult male s iniquitous status. Man can make nil but follow the Lord and obey him and his wickednesss will be forgiven. Theoretically talking, a Christian is person who has received the Lord Jesus as Savior, trusts Him for the forgiveness of wickednesss and puts trust in his ain attempts to delight God. To acquire God into your life, you have to inquire him. You have to ask for him into your life to hold a pure and devout relationship with him. If you want to inherit an ageless life, you must populate by the Law of God and trust in Him at all times. Once you have received God into your life, He will ever be at that place with you. Just communicate to Him, Teach about Him and larn more about Him. Obviously God s love for you is deep because He gave his boy Jesus Christ to decease for you. Just accept Him into your life and unrecorded by and under Him and that will be the thanks that he wants. Once you become a Christian, God will non detest you for anything. God doesn t hatred anyone. Because Jesus died for you, you can inquire for His forgiveness. God forgives everyone for their wickednesss, you merely have to allow Him into your life. Through its prophetic and direct statements, the Bible reveals the incontestable fact of Christ s Resurrection. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Peter stated in Acts 2:27 & # 8220 ; He seeing this before spake of the Resurrection of Jesus that His psyche was non left in snake pit, neither His flesh did see corruptness. This Jesus hath God raised up whereof we all are witnesses. & # 8221 ; Many eyewitnesses who saw the Resurrection of our Jesus hold given us proof. & # 8220 ; For I delivered unto you foremost of all that which I besides revived how that Christ died for our wickednesss harmonizing to the Bibles: and that He was seen of Cephas. Then of the 12: after that He was seen of above five hundred brethen at once. & # 8221 ; ( Corinth. 15:3-6 ) Without uncertainty, the empty grave shows that Christ has risen. Because Jesus rose from the grave for me and for you, certain approvals and promises are afforded to those who have put religions in the Lord, Jesus Christ. The Resurrection proves that Christ is sacrificial of accepting the payment of God for our wickednesss. He shed His blood for us. He was killed because God accepted the decease of his Son as the lone payment of forgiveness of our wickednesss. Jesus is the eldest from the dead. He was resurrected from the grave and the promise is that we will be likewise raised as stated in 1 Corinthians 15:20-22. The Resurrection is a fact that Jesus lives today. He imparts life to those who believe in Him and in His Father. The Lord died to pay the punishment for your wickednesss! ! He rose victoriously from the grave! Believe in Him and you he will come back to us to. John 5:24, & # 8220 ; I say unto you, He that heareth my Word and believeth on Him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall non come into disapprobation ; but is passed from decease unto life. & # 8221 ; Why does God direct people to hell? The Scriptures tell us that God sends no 1 to hell, people send themselves to hell. God has done all he can make for us to be forgiven, redeemed, cleansed and made tantrum for Eden. All we have to make is believe in the Lord, communicate with him and have faith in him. If we choose to have his gift to us so we will travel to heaven, if we choose to decline this gift, God has no option but to give us our pick. Heaven, for the individual that does non desire to be at that place, would be hell. Believe in God and there is no uncertainty that you will populate an ageless life with Him. If you do non swear in God and believe in Him so how can you hold a life with Him after you die. I believe that one time you die, your organic structure stays on Earth and your spirit is taken to Heaven by the Holy Spirit and there you stay and can hold that ageless relationship with God. I believe that one time you maintain that relationship for God for a piece, you will go an angel sent to watch over person and assist them to larn about God and how to accept Him.