Civil Disobedience Sample Essay

While comparing two pieces of composing with such rich literary content. one must foremost analyze their topic. juncture. audience. intent. talker and their tone. “Civil Disobedience” . by Henry David Thoreau and “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. . both illustrate transcendental thoughts and positions. Both display how the act of civil noncompliance is sometimes necessary while covering with types of societal unfairness. King. thought wrote his essay about a hundred old ages after Thoreau. connects in many literary techniques and in some cases. in context every bit good to Thoreau’s work. By utilizing Ethos. Logos. and Pathos King and Thoreau write their essays to carry their audience with their common thought of the necessity of civil noncompliance when the authorities and the society present unfair actions. In “Civil Disobedience” . Thoreau relies more on Ethos and Logos with combination with his rhetoric scheme to rock his audience into holding with his point of position.

That could be shown when Thoreau says. “He who gives himself wholly to his fellow work forces appears to them useless and selfish ; but he who gives himself partly to them is pronounced a helper and altruist. ” Likewise. Dr. King besides uses rhetoric techniques to convert his audience with his mentality. but he relies more on Pathos to capture the sentimental facet of his audience. King’s usage of Pathos is clear when he says. “…when you have seen hate-filled police officers expletive. boot. brutalise. and even kill your black brothers and sisters with impunity…” By get the hanging enunciation. he is able to do one call merely by taking the right words to do the reader/audience feel involved in the topic discussed. Now. one would inquire. why did these two adept authors put so much accent on their persuading techniques? Well. after note and thorough analysis of such brilliant pieces of composing. one can clearly exemplify the pure transcendentalist thoughts in both texts. When “Civil Disobedience” was published in 1849. Thoreau wanted to indicate out how the authorities was being interdependent. He besides wanted to warrant his act of civil noncompliance ( non paying his canvass revenue enhancement ) .

One can obviously experience his nonnatural ideas through his righting. He mentions the importance of the person when he says. “…until the State comes to acknowledge the person as a higher and independent power. from which all its power and authorization are derived. and treats him consequently. ” Correspondingly. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. uses tantamount techniques to present his message and carry his audience to hold with him. The omnipresent transcendental philosophy is shown in “Letter from Birmingham Jail. ” However. Dr. King attacked the affair he discussed. which is the segregation of Blacks in the South. from a different position. Dr. King proposed that the Torahs in topographic point were morally incorrect. Therefore civil noncompliance is necessary. However. he besides proposed that the authorities should be involved and alter such unfair Torahs. Unlike Thoreau’s thought of restricting the authorities. King seeks the engagement of the authorities.

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Dr. King besides praises the importance and power of the person while back uping his positions by trusting on Ethos and Logos. He utilizes legion allusions to function the intent of carrying his audience utilizing the logical facet. That is shown when he says. “Just as Socrates felt that it was necessary to make a tenseness in the head so that persons could lift from the bondage of myths and half-truths to the unchained kingdom of originative analysis and nonsubjective appraisal…” In decision. one would state that by utilizing such rhetoric techniques in add-on to Ethos. Logos. and Pathos. Thoreau and Dr. King were successful at exemplifying their nonnatural thoughts and besides rocking their audience to hold with their message. ideas and outlook.