Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering

Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering discipline. It
deals with the built environment and can be dated to the first time someone
placed a roof over his or her head or laid a tree trunk across a river to make
it easier to get across. The purpose of a civil engineer is to apply the
theoretical knowledge which is learned at the university, in the field. Summer
internship is a great opportunity to learn how to apply this theoretical
knowledge. Therefore, during the internship, it is always necessary to learn
new technical knowledges and be willing to participate in the practices. The
company where the internship is done, is very important. For this reason, I
decided to do my summer internship at a local firm, because I thought I could
improve myself better in this way. As I thought, the
company did not have a lot of interns, so my chance to learn the answers of the
questions on my mind increased. About reinforced concrete buildings and bored
pile retaining wall, I learned and experienced so many things thanks to this
company and this project.



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Concrete is, by nature, a
brittle material that performs well in compression, but is considerably less
effective when in tension. According
to Park (1975), “Reinforcement in
concrete is used to absorb these tensile forces so that the cracking which is
inevitable in all high-strength concretes does not weaken the structure.”. Steel
is remarkably well- suited for concrete reinforcement because it has high
tensile strength, and therefore relatively small amounts are required. Also,
concrete bonds to steel, and both expand and contract to about the same degree
with temperature changes. The good bond between concrete and steel allows an
effective transfer of stress or load between the steel and concrete so both
materials act together in resisting beam action. For these reasons, steel is
the most common material used to reinforce concrete. However, other materials
such as FRP are also used for reinforcement. The quality, diameter and length
of the used steel vary depending on where it is used.