College Essay

The Ohio State University has been a college of my pick for multiple grounds. I ever wanted to go to a college that would profit me in a positive manner. Before my visit to Ohio State I was undecided on what college I wanted to go to. However. after my visit to OSU’s campus I knew that Ohio State was the topographic point for me. Ohio State is one of the few establishments that are committed to diverseness and the overall success of its pupils.

The strict course of study. survey abroad chances and pupil organisations offered will non merely prepare me as a bookman but a individual every bit good. While OSU is one of the largest universities. the first-year plans discussed during my visit have assured me that I would non be a figure. but a member of the OSU community. I would wish to be in a positive environment where the degree of outlook and measuring for success is overriding.

From my research. OSU has a universe category repute in research and faculty members. As a prospective Finance major at the Fisher College of Business. I will be after to larn and run in the values that reflect Max Fisher and the College of Business. With OSU being one of the top 20 colleges I felt there’s no other college that could suit me better. I feel The Ohio State University fits me best. I besides can non bury the fantastic chant I was taught on the visit. when I say “O-H” you say “I-O. ”

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