Colonial to work hard for their masters.

                                        Colonial History Of My Hometown
Approximately 770 thousand years ago, according to the findings of peking ape man’s fossil found in Zhou Kou Dian by scientist. Those ape man are originally Chinese.  Also there are more fossils findings about the first people who lived there. All the findings were back to 1 million year ago which can prove that Chinese are the first group of people here. They lived near the yellow river because there were lots of fertile ground there and during the Zhou dynasty the economy in that area was mostly based on agriculture. With a 4000 years history, china has been recognized as one of the great ancient civilization of the world. During Xia dynasty, china entered a period of slave society but during that year many achievements were made. Before Xia Dynasty which is called stone age . People lived mainly through agricultural and most of things were made of stone and bone. People work together and led by tribe leaders. The slave at that time had no freedom and had to work hard for their masters. During the Xia dynasty, salves did the most of the farming works. However after the Shang Dynasty, society became more developed and people started to record things by their symbols.  The slavery society are believed to be ended after the Qing Dynasty.The colonization history started from the Qing dynasty. At that time, china remained isolated from the outside from the outside world. They traded items such as tea and silver to European countries but still had little else to do with them. At that time, there is only a treaty part called canton. European countries had to come to that only treaty port to trade. In order to keep out European influence, Christianity was outlawed in the 18000s.  During that time, the opium wars begun. The British started selling opium in china. Many Chinese people especially the rich people became addicted to opium. Selling opium is a lucrative business for the British. But the Chinese government made the drug illegal. However the British continued to sell it. The Chinese government cut off their resources and dumped their opium into the ocean ,a war broke out. Chinese militaries are weak at that time, they only had a small and outdated nay . The British defeated the Chinese with the advanced technology and strong army resources. The British gained control of Hong Kong and the merchants were open in china. After the first opium war, Chinese government wanted to compromise a lot of so the second war happened but with the same results. Then the Sino- French war happened, the French were trying to take control of the northern Vietnam. At the end, the French won the battle but after negation china kept that part of area but after few years, French took revenge against china and resulted in many people dying. The Eight-Nation Alliance toward against china. International. The boxer rebellion was supported by the empress, the boxers were a group wasn’t to eliminate the influence of European. But the eight Alliance was really strong and destroy the boxers. During the eight- nation war, china lost lost of resources and land. My  grand grandparents were used to be in the army and participated in the colonial wars. My Grandmom used to tell me that when she was young, she never settled in one place for many years until the war ended.Also because of the colonial history, my grandparents can speak a little Russian because Russian was one of the course in their curriculum because of Russian was ruled in Northern part of china such as HeiLongJiang. Russian influence is very strong because Russia owned the HeiLongJiang during the 19th to early 20th. Until now, many buildings are influenced by Russian architecture. In addition, Both of my parents lived in Shanghai when when they were young. British influence is strong because of Shanghai once occupied by the British. Many buildings like the buildings in Britain. My parents once told me about their stories about colonial history. When they were young, they were confused about the concept of the colonial. As for me, even I knew the history events about the colonial history but I still wonder how colonisation influence our domestic countries history. Then I started to realize that colonial is part of the process of self- improving even we lost few wars but we learned from failures and siphon off the leads and pass those cultural differences as our own.  In my point of view, colonial wars brought lots of death and shameful memories but our economy was benefited by the global trade also the humanistic cultural.