Communication studies Essay

The topic of this research was technology and it focuses on how technology can be good and bad for human welfare as well as the planet. At what cost do we indulge ourselves in the advantageous pleasures of technology? My research will highlight these effects and compare them so that you can make an informed, unbiased decision about whether the technology we utilize is better for us humans in a long term perspective.

I study Physics, Math and geometrical mechanical engineering design and I have a passion fro technology. I am on my way to becoming an electrical aerospace engineer and today’s technology has greatly helped me in my studies although it can sometimes be a hindrance or distraction to me. I have illustrated this in my reflective piece showing how the technology being used resulted in a negative outcome even though it is not necessarily bad.

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To help the reader make an informed, unbiased decision I have presented two conflicting ideologies: Neo-luddism and Techno-progressivism. They are ideologies regarding the advancement of technology and I feel that understanding these ideologies will broaden our horizons and change our

“Pay Attention” is a short story illustrating what life in high school is like and how technology is incorporated in our daily lives. The two main characters are sixth form students, Judah and Paul. They are both from different classes of society; Judah from the upper class and Paul from the lower class. Regardless of their backgrounds they are still best friends.

The narrative takes place on the school grounds of Jamaica College in Mr. Williams’ economics class. It is the first session of the day and the boys head to class.
For anybody interested in the sciences and technology, or just someone who likes to read this story is for you. It’s the kind of story you would see in an editorial in the news paper or a magazine that will get you to think about the effects of technology. Technology is great… but how bad is it at the same time? In the story peter misuses technology and this had its consequences even though this was just one simple instance.

Pay Attention
Judah is in sixth form at the Jamaica College. At Jamaica College he receives the highest quality of education from the best teachers. They implement and incorporate the technology available to them in their teaching techniques. He uses his laptop and smart phone on occasion to do quick research on websites like the EBSCO host and Wiki answers during class, making his learning more efficient. When using technology he has an active role rather than the passive role receiving information transmitted by a teacher or textbook. He also is actively making choices about how to generate, obtain, manipulate, or display information. “Rich bwoy Judah.” says peter as he acknowledges his best friend who has just arrived on the school campus. Peter had always taken special noticed of the SUV that his friend was always dropped at school in. Every morning Judah is chauffeured to school in the new 2012 Range Rover Evoque. Peter always drooled over its breathtaking, contemporary kinetic design and uses the latest materials and technology to
help make it one of the most efficient vehicles ever. To him it represented the beauty of mechanical and electrical engineering technology throughout the world. “Cool nuh Peter, wah gwaan ?”, Judah hails his friend trying maintaining his humble composure as they headed to the block for devotion. At eight o’clock the bell rings to signal that classes begin and the students separate for their various classes. First session for the day and both boys had the same teacher, Mr. Williams, who teaches the 6B economics class. They both went for seats near the back and got settled in till the teacher arrived. “Mr. Williams tek long fi reach a class enuh, bet seh him mek we fail”, grumbled Judah. He folded his arms in discontent, preparing to mentally bash his teacher on sight. “Please! Not like you would learn either way…. All him do a show power point”, replied Peter. He adjusted his posture a little, slouching further into his chair heaving a sigh. “And you ain’t doing much on your own at home. I tell u! … You trodding dangerous waters cause u can’t just depend on sir and his power points. He can teach though” Looking over the classroom Judah hissed his teeth, “Hm!” he knew what his friend was true, but then again he was too lazy to care; his parents had money, he didn’t care. Mr. Williams’s bellowed a very loud good morning through the classroom. It sounded as if it had come from the intercom system in the ceiling. His voice had that effect. Mr. Williams was one of those teachers that would publicly make fun of a student given the slightest opportunity; his voice and comical demeanor made it all the more amusing to by standing students and teachers… unless you were the focus of his funny but shameful comments. Students broke up conversation and shuffled into positions as he assumed his place at the front of the class. “Class?” it was more of a ‘call to order’ than a question. “We’re discussing monopolies today, look it up the while I set up the projector.” He said as he began setting up the display system installed in the class. Both boys took out their phones and started fiddling away on their key boards. The only difference is that Paul was not at all using the school provided Wi-Fi to search for anything work related. “Eeeh? Yah tell me bout book an a text girl” teased Judah in a matter of fact way. “Shut up man”

“Aah boss” said Judah, letting go of the matter. “Just look out for sir”. While Peter was preoccupied texting whoever he hadn’t realized that Mr.
Williams was ready to begin his class. He normally began his class with a brief introduction to the topic while he paced the perimeter classroom. All the other students had closed their laptops and sheathed their phones. He also hadn’t noticed that Mr. Williams was standing right behind where he sat, looking intently into what Paul was typing. Strangely he also didn’t notice that the whole class had gone dissonantly quiet. All eyes were on him and Mr. Williams; they were expecting him to make a show out of this little situation. What was funny was that while Paul was texting this mystery person he stifled a laugh that was supposedly supposed to be concealed by the noise of the class.“Young man!” Mr. Williams said calmly. The whole class broke out with laughter, Judah being the loudest of them all. They all waited till the perfect moment, right after sir startled Paul out of his dream world and laughed in unison.

“Pay Attention” is a short story about two young friends at school and how they use technology in everyday life to improve their learning. One of the boys misused the privilege of being able to use their phones in class, he was caught n then reprimanded by the teacher. The story illustrates how technology, even though it is a good thing, can be distractive. The two main characters Judah and Paul speak to each other using casual registers though their dialect vary.

Throughout their exchange Judah and Paul speak to each other in casual tones. The acrolect is used by Paul when he addresses Judah while Judah replies using the mesolect. This is ironic as one would not expect such language from Judah as he is from the upper class of society. this is a biased attitude to language, by many people as it is a general misconception that speaking Creole implies a person is of lower class of society.

When observing all the characters; the teacher, Judah and Paul all display some form of communicative behavior. The way Judah and Paul greet each other is a form of such behavior. they shake hands and smile at each other as a means of expressing themselves. Further on in the story we see where Judah hisses his teeth in annoyance.

Mr. Williams uses proxemics and chronemics in the story he; pauses when he speaks to add a comical effect to his serious tone.