Communication Theory Essay


Media censoring can be described as a pattern where address or other methods of public communicating are considered to be harmful and sensitive or non suited as determined by the authorities. media companies or other modulating organic structures ( West & A ; Turner. 2010 ) . Media censoring has been a common pattern in the Arab universe. and this has been the instance due to cultural and spiritual influence. Several communicating theories have been developed by bookmans to seek and explicate media state of affairss in different states. This paper seeks to look into the salient characteristics and pertinence of the cultivation communication’s theory to movie and telecasting censoring in the UAE ( West & A ; Turner. 2010 ) .


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Film and telecasting censoring in the United Arab Emirates is intended to advance and continue political. cultural. and spiritual beliefs. Evidence gathered through the survey of telecasting censoring in the UAE Harmonizing to Watson. every media point that is intended to be broadcasted to the public must cleared by the National Media council. the country’s media ordinance organic structure ( 2008 ) . Television content and all other types of media. peculiar from foreign states. must be subjected cheques intended to happen excessively content or subjects. Television censoring chiefly involves three subjects that are regarded to be violative to patterns in the United Arab Emirates. The three include: erotica. stuff deemed contemptuous to religion ( peculiarly Islam ) . and stuff that criticizes the country’s swayers ( Watson. 2008 ) . In most instances merely material arising from foreign beginnings is found to be debatable.

Local movies

Local telecasting Stationss have by and large conformed to the censoring demands. Materials from assorted beginnings indicate that local movies in the treated otherwise from the foreign movies by the National Media Council ( NMC ) ( Wikidot. com. 2008 ) . During the International Film Festival held in Dubai in 2005. many movies from Arab states were subjected to testing and censoring due to misdemeanor of Islamic and other cultural positions ( Wikidot. com. 2008 ) . All Local movies presented during the festival were found to be suited and none was censored. The conformance of local movies to religious. political demands is achieved in assorted ways.

First. many local movie shapers are non ever in a place to pay for movie production. As a consequence movie devising requires funding from the Government and other bureaus. Censoring is frequently applied at this phase. as movie shapers must hold to certain conditions before money is given ( Wikidot. com. 2008 ) . Second. many local movie shapers have been raised in a conservative environment that encourages and cultivates conformance to Islamic and political ideals of the UAE. Therefore. they have a manner of guaranting that their work is self-censored before it is released into the public sphere. They believe in their state and. hence. can non bring forth stuff that has a possible to impact the country’s faith and political stableness ( Wikidot. com. 2008 ) .

Foreign movies

All foreign movies that come into UAE must be studied by the categorization board which uses the guideline obtained from the state of beginning ( Wikidot. com. 2008 ) . Upon categorization. the movie is dispatched to the movie censoring commission. which examines the movie carefully and so decides on what is to be removed. The movie is so passed on to stand in section that removes the countries that have been recommended by the censoring commission ( Wikidot. com. 2008 ) . Additionally. no foreign movie will be permitted if it has no Arabic subtitle that conforms to the duologue in the movie ( Watson. 2008 ) . One of the most recent censoring activities done in the UAE involved renaming of an life rubric. The animation’s rubric was “Puss in the Boots” and was renamed to “Cat in the Boots” . This was besides done in Qatar. a gulf province with similar spiritual values ( Salem. 2012. par. 10 ) . Movies that can non be edited are banned all-together.

For case. “Mohammed Naser. an official responsible for film in the censoring section explained that when it becomes evident that the redaction required will take a large portion of the film. they conclude that there is no point to let go of it” ( Salem. 2012. par 11 ) . Two films. Black Swan and Love and Other Drugs were banned because the included a batch of sexual content ( Watson. 2008 ) . In most instances. the redaction of movies that originally contained scenes related to nakedness. cursing. political and spiritual stuff. the board so asks the agent passing the movie to give it a evaluation of 18 old ages and over ( Salem. 2012 ) .

Traditionally. this demand has drawn unfavorable judgment from industry participants who feel that the baning commission should redact the movies and let everyone to watch or go forth them as they are and give the +18 evaluation ( Salem. 2012 ) . The movie censoring commission is chaired by the National Media Council’s undersecretary who is responsible for censoring activities ( Wikidot. com. 2008 ) . The “censorship commission has other members which are drawn from several ministries such as the ministry of instruction. justness and Islamic personal businesss. province security. societal personal businesss. interior and Israel boycott office” ( Wikidot. com. 2008 ) .

Analysis of the information gathered

The Analysis of telecasting censoring in the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) will be conducted utilizing the cultivation communication’s theory. Cultivation theory can be described as societal theory that examines the long-effects of Television ( West & A ; Turner. 2010 ) . The basic proposition of the cultivation theory provinces that “the more clip is spend by people populating in the Television universe. they more likely they are to believe societal world that is portrayed on the Television” ( Morgan & A ; Shanahan. 2010 ) . Cultivation theory was developed by Gross and Gerbner. following extended research work conducted to set up cultural indexs. The intent of “cultural indicators” research work was to look into and set up the cultivated effects of Television on viewing audiences ( Morgan & A ; Shanahan. 2010 ) . The research workers were concerned with the deductions of Television plans. peculiarly violent plans on the behaviours and attitudes of Americans.

The cultivation theory clearly indicates that an consequence of Television watching on viewing audiences occurs after long-run and cumulative exposure. In the modern universe. Television has taken a cardinal place in the lives of many persons and. therefore. has a greater possible impact on the behaviours and attitudes of viewing audiences. The writers who developed the theory believe that because people Television in the United States and other parts of the universe contain important sum of force. those watch them addictively frequently develop an overdone belief in the force ( West & A ; Turner. 2010 ) . From the grounds gathered in this paper. it can be stated Television censoring in the UAE is intended to forestall a possible negative influence on citizens. Many pictures. peculiarly those arising from foreign beginnings. are frequently laced with content that is non acceptable in the UAE.

The state has a conservative population that purely observes Islamic spiritual regulations. Additionally. it has a political system that is alone to its place and demands. and hence. can non let stuff that will straight knock the established political system. UAE as a state has progressive Torahs sing the freedom of address but this does non let for airing of stuff that is contrary to Islamic beliefs or its political constitution. In consistent with the theory of cultivation. the UAE authorities is cognizant that movies and other shows aired on Television have the possible to alter the attitudes and behaviours of the multitudes ( Salem. 2012 ) . Therefore. in its enterprise to retain the country’s spiritual and cultural values. the authorities must ban all picture stuff that originates from within and outside the boundary lines.

Decision and drumhead

This research paper sought to utilize the cultivation theory to set up the how Television and movie censoring in the UAE preserves its cultural. political and spiritual beliefs. It has been established that the state has a conservative population that observes Islamic beliefs that do non hold with the content in most foreign movies. and hence. rigorous censoring must be conducted before the stuff is allowed into the public sphere. Censoring is besides extended to material that contravenes the country’s political constitution.

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