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Conventional wisdom claims that vampires are interesting mythological creatures in folklore that is famous for their bloodsucking ability, in order to gain super strength to continue their life. The vampire topic was not a very popular until the 18th century. It starts to get famous in Europe because of their superstitious beliefs. The vampire stories have gone through many drastic changes over time but religious belief plays an important role in the overall evolution of vampire literatures. It always follows this idea of good and evil. Christianity features centrally in many vampires works of literature as a protective force. In the film Dracula, it shows the significance of Christianity which uses the full force of God as a protection shield against the vampire. But I believe that Christianity and vampirism have no link to each other, the church uses vampire’s myth to establish their own power.

In the film Dracula, the story is full of good and evil. Dracula, a blood-sucking vampire, comes to England, seduces Jonathan Harker’s fiancée Mina, and causes huge terror and destructions. He represents the evil and Van Helsing and Herbert Bunston are the good man who tries to defeat the evil. In this movie, they show the importance of Christianity. Throughout the movie, there are religious symbols shown that are used to fight against the undead. One of the main symbols of the nature of Christianity was the Crucifix. It depicts the vampire as the devil and the cross as their savior which keeps Dracula away from them. The significance of Christianity is portrayed here to show the importance of religion in people’s life, which would keep the devil away. In the movie, movie when Dracula tried to come at Van Helsing after he finds out about the real truth about him. To save himself Van Helsing pulls out crucifix. Dracula thinks its wolf bane which is use as a weapon against vampires but Van Helsing says it’s not mere wolf bane, it’s more effective than that. As he pulls it out Dracula snarls and turns away. (Tod Browning, 59:26-1.00:49). This scene shows it is directly the Back in the days, churches used to hold the power of the society. Through this movie, the church purposefully let people to see the need for religion in their life. As the gossips of vampire starts to spread among the societies the churches take advantage of this situation and offers support to the people to prevent vampirism. This approach created a power structure where the Church held all of the power.

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Likewise, in the book Living It Up: Our Love Affair with Luxury, James Twitchell also talks about the difficult situation of the churches in Europe. He shows how the church uses vampire’s myth to establish their own power. In this book, he shows the vampire as one of the major mythic figures. By using the terms of cultural influence, currency, and religion, he describes that the vampire is far more important than any other nineteenth-century archetypes; in fact, they are probably the most enduring and prolific mythic figure we have. He also talks about the power of the church in European society which plays a huge role in spreading vampire myth. They tried to bring God and the community closer by referring vampire as a devil.