Course Project Essay

( A ) . Law Review Article: Tristin K. Green. Discrimination in Workplace Dynamics: Towards a Structural Account of Dispute Treatment Theory. 38 HARV. C. R-C. L. L. REV. 91 ( 2003 ) ( B ) . Government Agency Website: http//hreoc. gov. au/about/mailing-lists/index. html Section two Gender Discrimination Worker Type Employee Handbook Undocumented Workers Marital Status Employee Freedom Family Responsibility Employee Privacy

Wage and Hours Health and Safety Section three Jury finds Curtiss-Wright apt in gender prejudice instance. Oct. 25. 2006. This was a instance whereby Curtiss-Wright who is a shaper of aircraft electronics lost a $ 9M finding of fact when a adult female executive was passed over for a publicity and subsequently fired because of her gender. This instance is really much relevant to Ms. Collins’ . As is clear. one of Ms. Collins claims is that she has ne’er been promoted since she joined `ABC’ as an history executive since 1989.

Again all the male employees hired during the same clip and with the same categorization as hers have obviously been promoted one to four times and have a salary to boot. $ 1. 6M Suit Alleges Gender Discrimination. March 22. 2004 In this instance. former chemical technology helper professor. Lynn Russell. filed a 1. 6M suit against the university as she alleged gender favoritism and breach of contract. The suit claims chemical applied scientist chair discriminates against female junior module and undermined Russell’s term of office. This instance is relevant to Ms.

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Collins as it is an grounds of her claims of being discriminated against. It is a strong indicant that gender favoritism does be. Tropicana Sued for Discrimination Against Pregnant Woman. Sept. 12. 2003. A federal jurisprudence suit was filed by The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Tropicana Casino Resort avering it violated a pregnant employee’s civil rights. Harmonizing to 32 twelvemonth old Elizabeth of Lancaster. she was fired 24 hours after she informed her foreman about her status who refused to let her to work portion clip claiming the occupation was public presentation related.

This peculiar instance is really much relevant to that of Ms. Collins as it is apparent that employers do non set into consideration that adult females are likely to travel on pregnancy leave as a consequence of gestation. Again. at times one will name in ill. Like in Ms. Collins instance. she is ever acquiring place on exigency calls as she has disabled kid who suffers from terrible medical and emotional jobs. Does it intend that she will lose her occupation when she requires an immediate leave to go to to her kid? Robinson may settle Lawsuit for $ 15Mril 13. 2006

C. H Robinson. a transit & A ; logistics company is said to hold reached what is said to be a probationary colony with former and current adult females employees over the allegations of gender favoritism in wage and publicity. This is so much like Ms. Collins instance whose chief call is low wage and being passed over for publicity. EEOC Accuses Die Maker of Bias Against Women. July 24. 2003 The authorities says that a Northeast Ohio tool-and-die shaper has deemed adult females excessively weak to work in the company.

This is a clear indicant that employees overlook adult females when it comes to certain occupations merely like in Ms. Collins instance where she says that her employee claims that she does non suit the image right for the higher places. Section four Brown O. Judith. Subrin N. Stephen. Baumann T. Phyllis. Some Ideas about Social Perception and Employment Discrimination Law: A Modest Proposal for Keeping the Judicial Dialogue. 46 EMORY L. J. 1487 ( 1997 ) Godsil D. Rachel. Expressivism. Empathy and Equality. 36 U. MICH. J. L. REFORM 247 ( 2003 )