Creation of european and mediterranean digital preservation community Essay

Target results:

( F ) Promoting the consumption of EC-funded research ( Coordination and support actions – CSA )

“ Promoting the consumption of EC-funded research enabling the deployment of new ICT-based cultural and memory saving services, leveraging the impact of associated national enterprises ; roadmapping and designation of future ‘Grand Challenges ‘ ; constitution of a pan-European web of life ‘memory Centres ‘ for proofs, presentations and show windows. ”


Digital saving is the direction of digital information over clip. Preservation of digital information is widely considered to necessitate more changeless and ongoing attending than saving of other media. This changeless input of attempt, clip, and money to manage rapid technological and organisational progress is considered the chief stumbling block for continuing digital information. The Digital libraries initiative ( DLI ) was launched in 2005 as portion of the Commission ‘s i2010 scheme to hike the digital economic system. It builds on work already done by the Commission over a figure of old ages. The digital libraries initiative purposes at doing European information resources easier and more interesting to utilize in an on-line environment. It promotes the positive part that information and communicating engineerings ( ICT ) can do to the economic system, society and personal quality of life. As a model for uniting multicultural and multilingual environments with technological progresss and new concern theoretical accounts, the DLI addresses the chief challenges and developments in the information society and media sectors up to 2010. The enterprise contains a scope of EU policy instruments to promote the development of the digital economic system such as regulative instruments, research and partnerships with stakeholders.

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Three chief strands will be followed to recognize the potency of digital engineerings for widespread and easy entree to information:

– Online handiness, a stipulation for maximising the benefits that citizens, research workers and companies can pull from the information.

– Digitization of linear aggregations for their wider usage in the information society.

– Preservation and storage to guarantee that future coevalss can entree the digital stuff and to forestall cherished content being lost.

This inspire the thought of making ion anof on-line consolidation model of EC research consequences in the field of digital saving and civilization heritage that had taken topographic point in the model plan and other research activities. The purpose of this model is to enable the widely testing of thoseof those engineerings appear as consequence of research asresearch every bit good as deployment of new ICT-based cultural and memory saving services. The proposed undertaking has the undermentioned aims:

a ) Capturing robust and matured Digital Preservation research consequence and assuring engineering in the European Member States and at the European degree

B ) Provide an incorporate image of the current cultural heritage research in the European Member States and at the European degree.

degree Celsius ) Expanding the potency of the cultural heritage research consequence by fostering the engagement of the Mediterranean Countries

vitamin D ) Enhancing the airing of research consequences of touchable cultural heritage engineering

vitamin E ) Creation of collaborative and supportive platform that enable digital library working community to widely portion and work touchable information and best pattern by bring forthing guidelines and benchmarking tools

degree Fahrenheit ) Supply an existent nexus between Digital Preservation engineering providers, planimeters and taking research organisations.

Expected impacts

1- Increased EU fight in the field of digital saving and civilization heritage the planetary market by furthering standards-based integrating and development of digital saving engineering and services across spheres and organisational boundaries.

2- Strengthened EU leading at every measure of the digital saving lifecycle, making the conditions for the rapid deployment of advanced merchandises and applications based on high quality content.

3-Significant progresss in the ability to offer easy customizable entree services to scientific and cultural digital services, bettering their usage, sing and apprehensions throughout Europe and Mediterranean Countries

4- Leading border research in Europe strengthened through restructuring of the digital libraries and digital saving research landscape. Leveraged impact of research consequences.

The overall aim of the proposed undertaking is to supply direct entree to the digital saving scientific community by representing a pool composed of National Contact Points, International Organizations and National Information Points, crossing across Europe and the Mediterranean part that aims to widely reassign and spread the EU best pattern of digital saving to third countries.. In add-on, specifying an ICT SMEs national focal point working in the digital saving research country would prolong the diffusion, integrating, publicity and airing of research consequences.


Proposal Outline:

Digital Preservation have been made possible, through the integrating and usage of a figure of Information Technologies, the handiness of digital content on a planetary graduated table, and a strong demand for users who are now on-line. Specifying a regional enterprise for digital saving between the Mediterranean states that aim to consolidate the research consequences of antecedently funded undertakings would let the transportation the best pattern from the EU to the Mediterranean.

The suggested undertaking purpose to advance and circulate the best pattern of digital saving and civilization heritage research consequences developed by different stakeholders in the EU in order to supply specific user and communities with entree to advanced digital library engineerings, services, expertness and cognition which will let them to take-up these engineerings and services. The undertaking aims to further a common attack and methodological analysis and its back uping platform for the hereafter development and interoperability of Digital Libraries ( DLs ) between the Mediterranean part and Europe with peculiar mention to advancing best patterns and sharing criterions. The platform will a )

a ) promote information engineering accomplishments as an instrument for digital saving and civilization heritage ; B ) disseminate best pattern at regional degree ; c ) consolidate, integrate and bunch engineering for future research enterprises in Europe, vitamin D ) support benchmark for sustainable engineerings

Several undertakings have taken topographic point within the EU ICT Capacities programme with the purpose of enhance ing research and invention capacities throughout Europe in the digital saving and civilization heritage. Through the Sixth Framework Programme some undertakings w ere funded in order to e nhance specific digital saving engineerings, while other focal point on deployment of P planning services that empower administrations to specify, measure, and execute methodological analysiss, tools and services for Characterization of digital saving and specify Advanced solutions for Preservation Actions.

As an illustration of the undertakings that focus of engineering development was CASPAR [ 1 ] – Cultural, Artistic and Scientific cognition for Preservation, Access and Retrieval. It was an Integrated Undertaking co-financed by the European Union within the Sixth Framework Programme ( Priority IST-2005-2.5.10. It aimed to plan virtualisation services back uping long term digital resource saving, despite alterations in the implicit in computer science ( hardware and package ) and storage systems, and the Designated Communities.

DigitalPreservationEurope ( DPE ) [ 2 ] is another undertaking that facilitated pooling of the complementary expertness that exists across the academic research, cultural, public disposal and industry sectors in Europe. DPE fosters coaction and synergisms between many bing national and international enterprises across the European Research Area.

Through the 7th Framework Programme, Living web file awaying ( LiWA ) [ 3 ] undertaking is one of the presently running research undertaking that focus on advanced methods for content capturing, filtrating out Spam and other noise, bettering temporal archive coherency, and covering with semantic and terminology development. Two model LiWA applications – concentrating on audiovisual watercourses and societal web content, severally – will demo the benefits of advanced Web file awaying to interested stakeholders.

The suggested platform aims to c onducting a joint plan of activities aimed at incorporating and organizing the on-going research activities of the major European and Mediterranean squads working in Digital Preservation – related countries with the end of developing the following coevals Digital Preservation engineerings, proving and deployment promising research reseults. The web besides aims besides at circulating cognition of digital saving engineerings to many diverse application spheres

Specific end products include:

1. Platform to consolidate an European digital saving emerging community- based that aims to reassign best pattern to through European and with particular involvement to Mediterranean Mediterranean part. The platform will incorporate a forum where research workers, practicians, and representatives of the application communities can interchange thoughts and experiences ;

2. A digital saving exchange plan of research workers between European and Mediterranean states that aims to advancing cooperation between European and Mediterranean digital saving enterprises ;

3. A series of Workshops, Summer Schools, eTraining classs and eNewsletters that enable linking & A ; catalyzing a cross-area Digital Library Community through Connecting & A ; catalyzing a cross-area Digital Library Community that aim to betterment international cooperation in digital saving research countries

To undertake the digital saving adequately requires conjunct and orchestrated attempts, critical mass, every bit good as synergisms of thoughts, engineering solutions and patterns – and this across disciplines, organisations and across national boundary lines ( European and Mediterranean ) . Stakeholders within and beyond the bing digital saving community need to be mobilizedinteract together. Consequently, there will be scope for our web platform in structuring digital saving research for the hereafter.

Target results:

( F ) Promoting the consumption of EC-funded research ( Coordination and support actions – CSA ) “ Promoting the consumption of EC-funded research enabling the deployment of new ICT-based cultural and memory saving services, leveraging the impact of associated national enterprises ; roadmapping and designation of future ‘Grand Challenges ‘ ; constitution of a pan-European web of life ‘memory Centres ‘ for proofs, presentations and show windows. ”

Description of action and effectivity:

WP1 – Designation of current province of art of EU research consequence and attempt in Digital Preservation

Undertaking 1.1 – Identifying current research attempt and best pattern

Undertaking 1.2 – Benchmark activities

Undertaking 1.3 – Maping Partners cooperation

Work Package 2 – Systematic Construction of European cultural heritage research platform

Undertaking 2.1 – Site specification of web portal

Undertaking 2.2 – Design web platformportal

Undertaking 2.3 – Creation of web platformportal

Undertaking 2.4 – Consultative workshop

Undertaking 2.5 – Promote platformPortal observatory groups

Work Package 3 – Promotion activities between the European and Mediterranean Digital Preservation community

Undertaking 3.1 – Common Digital Preservation research and spreads and prioritiesanalysis

Undertaking 3.2 – Development Digital Preservation research docket Mediterranean part

Undertaking 3.3 – Designation of countries future cooperation between European and Mediterranean

Work Package 4 – Execution of joint activities through the coordination between national Digital Preservation focal pointscommunity

Undertaking 4.1 – Preparation for multinational research docket

Undertaking 4.2 – Agreement of workshops, summer schools, eCourses.

Undertaking 4.3 – airing activities to pass on the impact of EU research consequence in Digital Preservation to relevant Mediterranean and EU communities

Work Package 5 – Execution of joint activities through the coordination of advanced preparation in the field of touchable cultural heritage

Undertaking 5.1 – Analysis preparation possibilities

Undertaking 5.2 – Definition Advanced Training Programme

Undertaking 5.3 – Training Sessionss

WP6: Internal and External Management and Communication


o Web 2.0.

O Content direction system

o 3D Modeling

o Visual image

o Animation

o Cultural Heritage

o Web excavation

o Multimedia database

o Multilingual hunt engine

o 3D Rendering

o KnowledgeTechnology transportation.

Image processing.

o Information Retrieval

o Search engine

o Virtual world

o Intelligent information direction


Required accomplishments and Expertness:

Experts in Knowledge Management

Experts in Digital Libraries

Experts in Digital Preservation

Experts in Data excavation

Experts in Web excavation

Experts in image processing

Experts in web development.

Experts in Multimedia database

Experts in Multilingual hunt engine

Experts in 3D Rendering, mold, life, and visual image

Experts in cultural Heritage.

Description of work to be carried out by the spouse ( s ) sought:

Contribute to the undertaking demands definition.

Organization and Management of WPs. Dissemination of Project Results. Perform a comprehensive survey on the bing funded Digital libraries and cultural heritage and use SWOT analysis

Spouses will be involved in consolidation of best pattern research attempt of the European Digital Preservation.

Spouses will be concerned in transporting out research and development work adapt the European best pattern in Digital libraries and cultural heritage to accommodate the Mediterranean part

Type of spouse ( s ) sought:



Digital libraries Research Centers

Cultural Heritage Research Centers

Digital Preservation Research Centers

The Proposer is looking for a Coordinator:



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[ 2 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //

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