Culture and Communication Essay

Culture and communicating play an of import function in our life, particularly in International concern. Due to the globalization is developing quickly worldwide, making concern efficaciously is the best manner to guarantee the economic’s growing every bit good as to derive more repute for the administration or a state. However, International concern is a complicated issue that includes many different classs. Typically well-known issues are about civilization and communicating, which closely get along and have a immense impact on International Business. Culture and communicating are familiar subjects and has been discussed for a long clip. Therefore, this paper would supply some specific positions of the relationship between civilization, communicating and international concern. In add-on, it might bespeak the manner they work efficaciously and propose some good advices for the administration to be after some suited schemes in which supposed to hold the best international concern results.

The first facet that strongly influence on international concern is civilization. Culture is a hard phenomenon to specify as there are assorted definitions from surveies. Kroeber and Kluckhohn ( 1985 ) province that 164 definitions of civilization were found. From a societal position, civilization can be seen as a combined set of values, beliefs, and attitudes that are shared by the people in an initial society ( Muzychenko, 2008, 369 ) . In other words, Hofstede ( 1991 ) observed civilization as the corporate head plan, which each person is different from another. In recent old ages, the world’s economic system has developed dramatically. Hence, the firm’s international concern should be emphasized to maintain gait with the rapid growing. Expanding the range of the company’s activities is the best part in development and earning net income. In the globalization period, civilization non merely represents the characteristics of that state, but besides reflect the degree of development in that state. Culture is an built-in portion of each state and has a strong influence on people’s activities. However, the cultural distance is difficult to aim. For case, the civilization in Western is perfectly different from the Eastern due to the location, traditional usage, clime and ascendants. Culture has been enduring for a long clip and it is a representative of the people who live in that topographic point. Likewise, it is highly difficult to alter and there is no ground that everyplace necessitate to hold a similar civilization. Therefore, it would take a long clip to accommodate to a new civilization. Furthermore, another considerable thing in this instance is the cross-cultural competency. Cross-cultural competency can be understood as an effectual cross-cultural interaction. It supports people to larn both cognition and accomplishments by cut downing misinterpretations and inappropriate behaviors. It can be either an chance or a challenge for the endeavor ( Muzychenko, 2008 ) . Harmonizing to Johnson et Al. ( 2006 ) , it appears normally in international concern, workplace diverseness and intercultural communicating. Admiting the benefits of cross-cultural competency, many research workers developed a theoretical account that empowers the function of cross-cultural competency and use it into world more efficaciously. Depend on the user and their intents, the theoretical account would hold different attacks, but related to ‘effective cross-cultural interaction’ to better international concern more efficaciously.

Another factor which plays a critical function in making concern is the communicating between parties. There are assorted facets in this class, but it can be divided into two major issues which are linguistic communication ( verbal ) and gestural communicating barriers. As its direct influence on the manner people work and people’s behaviour, it is perfectly necessary to place the causes and effects of these issues. Furthermore, holding a deep acknowledge and analyze the jobs will non merely happen out the best solution, but besides better the international concern more efficaciously.

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In linguistic communication filed, harmonizing to Hansen ( 1967 ) ‘All languages fulfil the same maps: foremost, they serve human communicating and secondly, they guarantee a mention to reality’ and Deetz ( 1973 ) ‘Languages is the vehicle of meaning’ , the function of linguistic communication is indicated significantly in our life. It is obvious that different linguistic communications would do a batch of jobs. Although English is considered as an international linguistic communication, non many people can be fluid and it would take to the misinterpretation which might do some serious jobs. The misinterpretation between people or administrations through linguistic communication is the common thing in making concern. The differences between linguistic communication and the method of communication is the chief ground that makes the misinterpretation between parties occurs. Specifically, Charles ( 2006 ) had done the research about the Lingua Franca in concern. This research had done by some transnational companies in Scandinavia, which find out the figure of people work with shared linguistic communications. The consequence shows that the people who use English as the 2nd linguistic communication is much higher than the native talkers ( estimated to be 90 % ) . Therefore, on one manus, it will impact straight the perceptual experience of people. With the people is non good at English, they will be responsible by bettering English to get by with their work’s demand. It is a good thought to increase people’s self-esteem. On the other manus, it will do some jobs like pronunciation, spelling or grammar… which may act upon their work negatively ( Charles, 2006, 262-264 ) .

Maude ( 2011 ) points out that gestural communicating is indispensable and compulsory in international concern. It is because verbal communicating is frequently in a incorrect and uneffective manner. The differences between civilizations or linguistic communications besides contribute to the misleading. Otherwise, when utilizing separately, it would be undependable and misunderstood. On the contrary, gestural communicating is rather difficult to command and hence, it frequently expresses the feelings and attitudes and respond to the state of affairs more accurately and faithfully ( Maude, 2011, 84 ) . For illustration, in some international workplace like transnational companies or international corporations, the employer and staff might come from different states or race. In some instances, if the verbal communicating is used entirely, it is easy to be misunderstood or even take to less concerted and committednesss. Since using gestural communicating, the employer and employees would understand each other more clearly. Hence, the employment relationship has improved significantly and more positive results will be produced ( about 70 % ) ( Noller, 1984 in Maude, 2011, 86-87 ) .

Otherwise, the relationship between civilization and communicating still an interesting subject for the academic surveies to make their research. Therefore, many premises and definitions appeared to supply a comprehensive position and support people’s knowledge on this subject, which is more abstract than the above classs. As Condon and Yousef ( 1975 ) province that ‘We can non divide civilization from communicating, for every bit shortly as we start to speak about one we are about necessarily speaking about the other too’ , it is decidedly that civilization and communicating have a strong correlativity, which is really utile in society and globalization. Indeed, the culture-communication relationship can be understood as the procedure that was determined internally and developed based on interchanging the common and related symbols ( Chen and Starosta, 1998 ) . There are many ways to show the culture-communication correlativity such as: speaking and listening, composing and reading, executing and witnessing. In other words, it can be defined as the procedure which making something involves “messages” in every instance ( Craig, in Leonard et al. , 2009 ) . Indeed, some farther researches indicate that civilization has an influence on the manner of people’s communicating. Sanchez-Burks et Al. ( 2003 ) recognized that Chinese people who live in America for a long clip still keep the manner of pass oning ( verbal and gestural communicating ) like the East Asian, which is strongly different from the native American. They besides have their ain avocations, day-to-day modus operandi, engineering credences and single penchants, which is more similar to their ascendants ( Leonard et al. , 2009, 866-869 ) . In general, keeping the ancestor’s civilization is non a awful thing, but sometimes, it might do jobs, particularly populating in a different civilization. Therefore, holding a balance between new and old civilizations in the communicating manner would be the best manner to run into the ends positively.

Image 1: The culture-language theoretical account

( Crozet & A ; Liddicoat, 1999 )

By and large, this paper has argued the relationship between civilization, communicating and international concern every bit good as supply an overview about the benefits and restrictions when making international concern. International concern is necessary for the company to non merely aim more ends, but besides integrate into the globalized universe. Therefore, in order to hold better international concern results, we need to take earnestly in civilization and communicating – the two most of import factors in making concern. In cultural facet, because the civilization is variable and it depends on both internal and external factors, it is difficult to cognize every civilization clearly and steadily. Therefore, it is extremely recommended that fixing critical accomplishments and cognition carefully is the best manner to forestall the civilization daze and adapt to the new environment faster. Many ways can back up people to acquire knowledge about new civilizations such as: Internet, books, brochures… or either inquire the people already have some experiences about the topographic point that you intend to come. The experiences from the people who used to populate there would be the most valuable readying. Otherwise, After cognizing the civilization, the communicating manner should besides be considered carefully as it will be shown to society straight by our actions. When making concern overseas, the first meeting ever plays an of import function to make up one’s mind whether you will be successful or non. Consequently, the more you prepare, the better consequence you get.


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